Ordie Tryin Realtor Extarodinaire

Rest In Peace Ordie TryinHave you ever heard of  Ordie Tryin the Realtor?   He has done a lot of marketing over the years doing his best to represent buyers and sellers in his real estate market.   Ordie is one of those old ways are best kind of agent.

You know the ones, they farm their chosen area walking from house to house introducing himself.   Making sure he had breakfast and coffee in his farming area getting to know as many of the people as he could.   Ordie would even read the obituaries and attend the funerals of people that passed away in his farming area.

Open House, Open House, Open House was his middle name.   He did the mailings; Just Listed, Just Sold, Open House and Statistical brochures of the market conditions.   There were some people even laughed saying they could heat their home all winter just using the mailings they got from Ordie during the course of the year.

Ordie’s motto was:

“I am the most dedicated agent you will ever meet.   I’ll do whatever it takes to   find you a great home.   I’ll do whatever it takes to sell your home for the best possible price Or die Tryin.”  

He did, Ordie will be missed.

Remember Ordie Tryin for all your real estate needs.