Open House Out House

Open House Out House

(We interrupt our series on time shifting open houses to bring you this mundane message about a live open house  held today.)  

Today we  were on the way back home from holding another great open house.

We had one visitor during the three hours.

We weren’t far from home when we passed this outhouse just sitting by the road side, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

We both laughed then turned the car around.   Our thought after holding hundreds of open houses over the past few year.

Open houses stink.   The funny thing, when we stopped the car and I got out and was putting up the sign we had several cars slow down, some honked, some waved, some just laughed as they saw the sign.

It turned out the be one of the most productive open houses we have held in a long time.   Everyone got a chuckle on their Sunday afternoon drive, no buyers though.

Do any of you think open houses stink?


  1. I love it! I’ve got to look for an outhouse now…. after doing open houses for 5+ years and getting ONE client out of them, and knowing that NAR’s statistics nation wide of a sale through an open house is only 4%, I can’t see how they are an effective use of selling time. I DO bring along other work (paperwork, etc.) so my time isn’t totally wasted, and put the often-quiet spaces to good use…..

  2. I know that this post is really old, but I was wondering what do you think of open house websites. Do they work?

  3. Paul,

    By open house websites if you mean single property sites designed for a listing. Yes they work.

    I have an entire category dedicated to them.

    Many of the canned single property sites are vanity sites only. They do not work to market the property.

    But self hosted and directed they work very very well. The companies selling them are selling them as “Getting a Listing” site to show how you will market their property. Unfortunately that is all they are good for. You will never find them in an internet search. The only way to get to them is to type in the URL directly.

    Done properly they will show up on Google searches as well as other search engines.

    They work so well, we create them for every listing we have.

  4. That’s probably the best open house out house I have seen!

  5. That is the funnies photo I’ve seen for ages. I hope not too many turn up to the Open For Inspection at the same time.


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