NextGen Scroll Gallery

Do I really think it ROCKS!  Well, it made for a nice catchy title.

I’m recommending this plugin to all my clients using NextGen Gallery.

I especially like the way it shows listing photos.

Once installed there is top level admin navigation to the scroll gallery settings.  I slowed the top slideshow to 0.3  and for my theme set the width and height to 680px X 520px  You can easily configure it to fit any post area which makes it very flexible for about any theme.

Everything is pretty straight forward.  There are three default skins to chose from.  If you want to modify the css you will need to do it from FTP as the css is in a folder not accessible from the plugin editor.

Here is a typical gallery insert in a post.

Now here it is again using NextGen Scoll Gallery.  Click on any scrolling image or on the large image to advance to the next image.

[scrollGallery id=6]


  1. I have used this plug-in in one of my personal blogs and it is really cool. I was simply amazed to see the kind of funcationalities it offers.

  2. Thanks for the tip. That is a very cool plugin. I will definitely try it out.

  3. I’m glad I found this was looking for a slideshow plug-in for my new wordpress website.

  4. This is a great plug-in. I’ve never used it or heard anything about it. Thanks for the heads up about it!

  5. i have just simply added the plugin but now when i click on the thumbnails bar at the top the image does not change and also the autoscroll is also not working . i have re-installed the plugin but the problem remains the same

  6. It sounds like you have a javascript conflict with another plugin.



    here is the link and the scroll function is not working . dont know as when i installed it for first time it was working fine but now it is not

  8. Tarun,

    I found that Lightbox Plus on my site was stopping the gallery from working. Do you have any lightbox plugins active on your site?


  9. Michelle Potter says

    Those photos are stunning – especially the wonderful shot of the owl peeking out of the Saguaro and also the blue shuddered home with the Bougainvillea….Any plug-in would look impressive with those pictures!

  10. I’ve just installed this and I was looking for hacks, which is how I found your site. How did you get the scroll bar? I don’t see that option. Very neat blog idea, btw!

  11. Dani,

    You have to use the shortcode for the scroll gallery not the Nextgen short code which is scrollGallery id=”6″ instead of nggallery id=”6″ both of these in [ ] brackets.

    You also might need to adjust the scroll gallery settings.


  12. Hi guys im having problem too.. any solution for this? i didn’t have any lightbox plugin.. im using aggregate theme.. thanks in advance~!

  13. Mel,

    It still sounds like a javascript conflict. Try turning off your plugins except for the scroll gallery and see if it works. If so then reactivate the others one at a time.

    If you are using s minify or cache program you will probably need to add the plugin to your exceptions list.