News Nuggets Mortgage Minutes Yogi-isms

Call them whatever you want. These little gems can be an addition to your blog which brings readers back again and again.

Just because your are paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you.

News Nugget

News Nugget

I have a place near the top of my blog navigation where I post a quick daily update for closed transaction, average sale price and median sale price. I go into the MLS most evenings and gather the data and put it in the sidebar text widget. It is there for the following day. There are some readers who pop in each day simply to see what’s happening in those numbers for the day.

Does it work?

Google Business and the DOW Chart

Two weeks ago Google removed the DOW Graph and stats from the sidebar of the business section. Have you ever pulled a bottle out of a babies mouth while they were sucking?

I go to the news page several times a day to see what is happening on the market. Sometimes an article catches my eye and I read it while I’m there.   Google put it back, they moved it under the “MORE” finance section.

YES IT WORKS. This is the kind of shouting for emphasis not like a coach yelling at his team to HIT THE TRACK.

Yes it works. Like putting out birdseed to attract the birds or corn on a nail for the squirrels. Provide a treat worth coming to get and you will attract readers.

Don’t look back, your competition might be gaining on you.


  1. Dave – Can you please post a link to your site, the one that includes the News Nugget sidebar? Thanks!

  2. John,

    The link is on the image above. Most that hang around the lab already know where it is. The url is Feel free to blogroll it LOL. Honest, I won’t mind.


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