MyBlogLog Widget Code Produces W3C Errors

my blog log logo Sellsius introduced me and many others in our community to MyBlogLog.   I fell in love with this widget and I know many others have as well.   It is a lot of fun to see who has been reading, or at least visiting your blog.

MyBlogLog has really taken off with more people joining and joining communities with MyBlogLog.   If you haven’t been there yet I would recommend it.

Here is the issue.   If you add the widget to your sidebar and insert the code they provide for you, your pages will instantly have 20 errors show up when you check your pages for W3C validation.   I check for W3C validation after every change I make to the blog.   That is how I caught this one.   I added the widget, got the 20 errors, removed the widget and the page would once again validate.

Since the code is in a widget it appears on every page and post of your blog.   This means that none of your blog pages or posts will   pass W3C validation.  

I won’t go into W3C validation in this post, but there are many sources saying validating your code is one of the things which will help you in the search engines.  

MyBlogLog Code Solution:

When you get the code and plug it into the sidebar widget you will need to replace the & signs in the code with & amp; without the space between the & amp; .   Here is an example of code once it is fixed.

code snip

I copy the code into Dreamweaver and use the find and replace feature. Notepad will work just as well. Once the code is changed save it, you will need it in the future.   Once the find and replace is complete you can copy it into the mybloglog widget and save.

This will now allow your pages and posts to validate.


Any time you edit your sidebar widget and save, you will have to reset this code.   I don’t know what causes it, but anytime you save the validating code is removed and just & are put back in recreating the 20 errors.

If you add a new widget and save, if you re-arrange the order of your widgets and save, if you do anything that you will need to save you have to past the code fix into the mybloglog widget before you save.

This is why you need to have a copy of the corrected code handy.  

MyBlogLog is great, I’m seeing it on more and more blogs I visit daily.   I’m glad there is a work around for this issue, for me I want all my pages on the blog and web site to validate.   It is something that is easy to overlook.

Checking for W3C validation after you make any additions or changes to your blog or web site is a  good habit to get  into.  


  1. rudolph d. bachraty III says

    dave – thanks for the mbl fix. now i just need a second to implement it.


    -rudy.sellsius °

  2. Dave,

    I knew you would take this bull by the horns. I appreciate the skill and insight you bring to the community.

  3. Jim,

    I realized once I had emailed you, that this particular topic didn’t fit your message either. So I got it in gear and decided to create a blog where it would fit.

    Thanks for dropping by, I’ve only been live for about three hours. I’m looking forward to the future. I think there are some really exciting days ahead for all of us in Real Estate Blogging.

  4. Thanks (again) Dave. I don’t check W3C compliance like I probably should.

    My problem with the MyBlogLog widget is *sometimes* on *some* PC’s, it seems to overlay the pics in the wrong place, right smack on top of some text somewhere. But if you scroll down, the pics seem to “redraw” in the proper place.

    It’s driving me nuts. It’s *never* done it on my lap top, and it only does it sometimes on two of the office PCs (and never on another). So I suspect it’s something in the PC and /or that browser setup itself. But if I’ve seen it, I wonder who else sees it. And I’ve never seen it happen on ANY other blog using the widget — which then makes me think it’s something in my blog code. BUt if that’s the case, why doesn’t it do it all the time, on every PC?


  5. Jay,

    I noticed the same thing, I had to set the width for 140 instead of the default 180. The 180 was fine for our Tucson Real Estate In The News blog because the theme allows for a larger sidebar.

    If your width is borderline, it will work fine on some PC’s with a hi res display, and those set to the old 800 X 600 which could cause the issue you described.

    I think if you set the width of your code down it should fix the issue and then we can all see our smiling faces when we visit you.

  6. Thanks Dave! I tweaked the width, we’ll see if that fixes it. Makes sense though..

  7. Jay,

    Good to hear from you, so you survived. I thought you might have suffered the fate of the ancient egyptians that wrote in the inside of the Pharaohs tombs.  

     egyptian writing

    They died of writers cramp

  8. Dave,
    This is such a great idea for a blog! Glad I found you here.

    As for MBL, OH MY! The thought of reposting that widget every time I modify my sidebar is not fun. I don’t really play with the side bar that often, but still. Too many things to remember.

  9. Maureen,

    I’m glad you found this blog, I think it will be a lot of fun and filled with useful information.

    It isn’t as bad as you might think, I make changes to the sidebar on this blog almost everyday testing various plug-ins and widgets. I just have a copy of the corrected code in a Dreamweaver page and I keep Dreamweaver open all the time. So it is simple to copy and past back and forth as needed.

    If you don’t make changes that often, just save a text file with the changes using notepad. You can then open that file and copy and paste. It would be a lot of work to have to correct the code by hand each time.

  10. I always learn a lot when people post about what WP plug-ins they are using. If you ever feel like talking about that, it would be great. I still find wordpress kind of over my head.

  11. Thanks a lot for the brief tutorial on this! I’ve been looking for a solution for ages. I really enjoyed all that MyBlogLog had to offer, and now I can enjoy it to the fullest! Hopefully there will be a new update to fix the issue.

  12. This post is so old I’m not sure the information is even relevant anymore. MyBlogLog has changed hands and is usually added by plugin these days. I keep it on site as an ancient reminder. . .



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