MyAvatars-Plugin for MyBlogLog Missing!

seanoxSometime on May 18th I noticed all the avatars for mybloglog suddenly disappeared from all my blogs comments.

Oh, My!!

I quickly changed from IE to FF and they were still missing. I changed to another computer, gone.

  • I un-installed
  • re-installed
  • upgraded to 0.02a

Nothing, they are gone. I’ve left the plugin creator a message that the avatars have escaped. If anyone has seen them suddenly show up on your blog let us know.

Someone needs to get them rounded up and back on the blogs where they belong.

missing my avatarsThe links are still active and functioning in the comments but all you will see is this pathetic emptiness where avatars once ruled.

This is a 911 alert for the missing avatars.

As to my knowledge at this time there have been no ransom demands made.

Will Someone, Anyone Please return the missing Avatars!

This is a public blogging announcement.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog posts.


  1. Huh. Mine are gone too!

  2. Oh, NO! they are gone from PHX too. Yep, I can’t find a single blog where they remain.

    I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the rebranding of MyBlogLog, or the cleaning up of the avatars.

    All the avatars are working for the official MyBlogLog widgets.

    MyAvatars however is a third party plug-in

  3. It seems ok now… 😉

  4. Napolux,

    Yes it does. Sometimes only the creator can fix the creature.

    Great Plug-in. Thanks for creating it. Thanks for keeping it alive.