My Snippet Plugin

Oh, I got a Real Blog Lab Gem for you today.  I just downloaded and installed the My Snippet Plugin.  I’ve got it working on the Lab and already ran a small test with it.  What does it do?  I’m glad you asked.

What is My Snippet Plugin

You can put specific content in a widget which is Post specific.  The Snippet widget can be place in any section of your site that is widgetized.

This is very cool.  There are other plugins that do something similar.  But here is the super cool part of My Snippet.

It adds a text area under the post editor for “Snippet post settings”  here you can over ride the title you used in the widget or leave it blank for default text.  The Snippet area is where you can “Add text, HTML, and/or shortcodes”
This means I can add tailored content to the sidebar that will only display on this post.  I can change it anytime I edit the specific post.  I can add to it or delete from it and not change the post itself.

I prefer to add the snippet title with each post to make is specific.  You can use the Snippet Title to do this.  (I also removed the default title when I added the snippet widget to the sidebar)

I’ve put in a request with the plugin author to make it so you can have multiple snippet plugins with different content in each.  That’s for a future revision.  For now I really like this plugin and will be using it with all my sites soon.

One note: Depending on your theme you might have to add some CSS for .snippet-content in order for the formatting to appear correct for your theme.

How Can I Use My Snippet

Let your imagination run wild.  There are a lot of ways you can use this plugin/widget.

  • Include a set of links that are specific to this single post
  • Add an image to the sidebar to compliment the post
  • Put a teaser in the widget for something related
  • Put a list in the widget
  • Add a video
  • Specific call to action button just for this post
  • Sponsored Link?

There are so many ways this beautiful plugin can be used to enhance your blog.  These are just a few that I came up with off the top of my head.

Let me know what creative, imaginative ways you have come up with to use this plugin.


  1. Hi Dave,

    I haven’t stopped in for a while. One, Hi! Two, the blog looks great and three, this sounds like a great plugin. I’ll take a look at this one later today and play with it…

  2. Ryan,

    Glad you dropped by. Glad you like the site, LOL I”m thinking of changing it again. This plugin is great. I’m using in on a few sites now, lots of potential.


  3. I’ll have to check out this snippet. I’ve been looking for something like this to customize my sidebar for town specific posts. Thanks
    .-= Ryan Crozier´s last blog ..2009-2010 – First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit =-.

  4. Hey, Dave,

    Nice blog you’ve got here! I had not heard of the My Snippet” plugin and may give it a try. Here’s one for you: Insights

    It’s a nifty little plugin that helps me search for content on my own blog — and link to it and/or link to photos or google. It’s a bit hard to explain, but I found it a month or so ago and use it all the time. It shows up on your post page.

  5. Kate,

    I’ll look that one up. I really like My Snippets. The Lab appeals to the techie in you. For my little nifty Tucson blog you should check out Tucson Tired

    Thanks for stopping by the Lab. Drop by anytime. I’m sure you will find other plugins and code suggestions you’ll find interesting for Tucson On The Cheap