My Blog Log – Goes Yahoo Gray

My Blog Log WidgetI might be some kind of WordPress geek but I’m part of the older generation and I don’t particularly like change, unless it is for the good, like DSLR Digital Cameras.

MyBlogLog was purchased recently by Yahoo. I thought okay no big deal, till I had to log into my account and start making changes, like they didn’t know what my avatar is so I have to create a new one. Like I can link to my Yahoo account if I want to, etc. etc.

So I go through the process of finding the original avatar I uploaded and setting things up again to get the “guy in the red shirt” look back instead of just going gray with the look of a stupid smiley face.


I signed up for one reason in the first place. To get my face on blogs I visit and to see who has dropped by one of my blogs for a read. It is fun to know who is reading and who is stopping by after a post is published. For example I have almost gotten a stop watch out to see how long it is between the time I hit “Publish” and Odysseus shows up in MyBlogLog. I think sometimes Greg knows somehow before I do when a new post is going to be published.

I do not use MyBlogLog for anything else, period. Not the stats, not the see who is in my community or a friend or a fan or email or chat nothing. Just to see those faces as friends and new acquaintances. Okay, sometimes I click on those faces to see what sites these new faces author in the hope of finding another interesting blog to read (like I have time). But honest, that is it.

MyBlogLog Goes Gray

I can tell now when others have updated their account to Yahoo, but most aren’t taking the time to load their old avatar or a new one for that matter. They are using the stupid Yahoo Gray Dumb Ass Smiley Face. I found out from Sellsius today I can use Dumb Ass in a post so thought I would try it out.

BTW, My MBL widget is set to 10 displays. It has always been 10 displays. Do you see 10 images displayed?

I’m seriously thinking of ditching the whole thing. Anybody else seeing lots of stupid gray smiley faces showing up?

Have I mentioned how much I hate these Stupid DA gray avatars?

Follow Up

My blog log yahoo new image

See This is what I like about MBL. I hit publish and look who shows up first, Odysseus, and it is almost a given it will be those you send a link out to. Me I don’t see a link back to me sometimes for week. I just happen to look up in links back from the Dashboard and go

“Hey, I wonder what this is”. DUH!

Is there a secret I don’t know to getting notified of a link back?


  1. I banished mybloglog to a separate page on lenderama. Sometimes, it’s very slow, and stalls out my blog’s ability to load.

    Also, maybe the tenth row is the one you only see when you’re not logged into MyBlogLog?

    I thought up a way to spam MyBlogLog as well. Not that I would do it, but it would be rather easy. I think I’ll post about it soon.

  2. Todd,

    That should be a post everyone will want to read : ).

    But don’t set a date for everyone to implement it. Just call them Dumb Ass instead.

  3. Joseph Ferrara.sellsius says

    Yes, I’m seeing a lot of gray faces– but at least they’re smiling. I have found some interesting blogs by contacts thru MBL.

    I do use MBL to send messages and links. It seems a tad easier than email. I have noticed it is used more and more for stumbling and redditt help. This mass mail feature I did use once but I’m not sure it’s still functional.

    Anywho, you’d have to be a dumb ass to miss the insights and practical know-how you provide Dave.

  4. Joe,

    Thanks for the comment. You crack me up.

  5. Confession of a “dumb ass” grey smiley face (grin). I simply haven’t taken the time, although I know I should.



  6. Eric,

    You cracked me up with that one. It is Yahoo that can’t seem to come up with a better default.

    Not your fault and I think you must have a pretty smart posterior, butt we won’t go there.

  7. Too funny…

    I hope things are going great for you, Dave! I have been way too busy and just now catching up….had to drop by and comment on that one!



  8. I just logged into mybloglab. Its kind of annoying you have to merge with yahoo or create a new account to use your old mybloglab account. I dont really see why yahoo would buy something and then do something to turn off the old user base.

    Oh well. I still dont show up when I visit webpages when I visit. But I am pretty sure I am logged in to mybloglab. Do I need to do something else?

  9. the selling out and changing of rules thing was one of the things that made me really want to start using a wordpress blog hosted on my own domain. That way, nobody sells me out.

  10. James,

    I concur that is why I really like self hosting. There are a lot of things I have little or no control over. When it comes to my business and marketing I don’t want some provider or vendor deciding when to make changes. Worse yet going out of business and leaving me standing there in a twilight zone moment.

  11. I never even knew mybloglog had changed. I don’t really look at it much, and hardly ever log in. If I didn’t have the log in bookmarked, I doubt I’d be able to find it again! For some reason I’ve just never got excited about it. I blog to a local audience, so I don’t really get too many people coming by that are mybloglog members anyhow. That may change though- I’m working an a series of posts that might get more ‘national’ attention. Someday.

  12. Lydia,

    Hey, good to see you. The guy in the red shirt just visited your blog : ) Go for that national attention.

    I’m up to 2 friends now but since you are one of them I still need 6 more to write a meme. I don’t think I’ll make it before I’m gone.

  13. It could be worse, I imagine. Grey ranks above bright yellow smiley faces, in my book.

  14. Ben,

    Maybe if they were all happy faces. But these Grey Yahoo masks are scarry.