My All-In-One-SEO Settings and Summary

I woke up this morning realizing I had already written about the All-in-one-SEO plugin back in 2007 when WordPress 2.3 came out and Ultimate Tag Warrior and Tags in the Head had been my one, two punch.   Ultimate Tag Warrior went silent and I had to find a replacement.

Doing a search on All-In-One-SEO returned quite a few places it has been mentioned over the past couple of years. Rather than reinvent the wheel here I’m going to point those posts then write a current update on what I’m doing with it now.

WordPress 2.3 All-in-One-SEO for Meta Tags in the Header → This is the one that kicks it all off and everything I said there is pretty much the way it is today.   I have changed a couple of things.   In the screen shot the deindex tags is checked that isn’t the case any longer.

The No Index Tags Option in All-In-One-SEO →   This little post was specific to the one setting for tags and it is the precursor to the Post Tags are like Signal Flares I wrote yesterday.   In that post I said I wasn’t suggesting you turn that option on or off, Now I’m suggesting you turn it ON by Unchecking the box if it is.

Current All-In-One-SEO Settings and Explanation

My All In One SEO Settings

My All In One SEO Settings

Home Title:   This is confusing and should be called Home Page Keywords These keywords are the ones you select for the blog itself not for any particular post.   Chose Wisely Grass hopper

Home Description:   This is where you put the description of your blog

ReWrite Titles:   Check

All of the Title Formats:   These are the best formats for each option.   There is no need to change any of them.   However if you want to add more keyword phrases to the end of post and page formats or all of them for that matter do so by typing them in at the end.   For presentation purposes you should keep the same formatting using a bar | between each addition.

For example:   If I wanted to add Lab Rats Wanted to the Title tag for posts I would change the post line to:

%post_title% | %blog_title%   | Lab Rats Wanted

The same is true for any of the other title options.   Does it make a difference?   Yes it does.   I have several sites that start ranking for those search terms after keyword were added to the the title tags.

The check boxes.   Self explanatory here.   I want as many lines in the water as I can get.   Therefore, I want my Categories, Archives and tags indexed.   I’m using excerpts for all of those to be displayed (which is the default for many themes) so there is not duplicate content issues.   I know someone is going to ask how you check or set this.

Go to the theme editor and look at your Archive.php or searchresults.php etc.   You should see this line in the code somewhere:   <?php the_excerpt() ?>     if you find <?php the_post() ?> change the word post to excerpt.   Don’t forget to save.

Here I’ll mention another favorite plugin of mine Thumbnails for Excerpts which will display a thumbnail of the first image associated with a post when returning searches, category, or archive results.

Auto generate description:   I have this checked but I override it for almost every post.   Especially post that start with an image.   Auto generate will pull in the image code instead of the first sentence of the post.   I wrote about this in the post Writing Interesting and Targeted Excerpts

At the bottom of each post editor there is a bar with “All In One SEO Pack” drop that down and you can past your Excerpt into the Description.   You can also enter specific keywords if you want to override the default process for keywords.   What is the default process:   Post Tags, Category,     Since I have my categories set up as keywords and I always have post tags that works for me.   But you can override this by putting in your own list of keywords.

But remember, keywords aren’t the words you want to rank for, they are keywords related to this post.   If you put in keywords that aren’t in the post you are keyword spamming and that leaves you open to other issues with The All Seeing Eye.

These are my All-In-One-SEO settings and why I have them setup the way I do.   Have a great day everyone and now I’m off to breakfast at McDonald’s.   Let’s see is there a keyword I should be using there?   This will make a good excerpt.


  1. Dave,

    THANK YOU!!! Standing-O here for Dave. That’s a perfect description of how to use one of the most powerful plug-ins in all of WordPress. Thanks for putting it into terms that the rest of us can understand.

    Keep up the great work…


    p.s. my guess is that McMuffin will likely be part of the meta-breakfast-post….

  2. …one more thought on using this plug-in:

    It’s easy to think about this plug-in for just POSTS, but don’t forget to use it for your PAGES too. Especially everyone’s default “About Me” page. You’d be amazed at how much better SE results you’ll get on your pages by doing so.


    Chuck Gillooley ´s last blog post..The Parks of San Carlos: Laureola Park

  3. SEO is too difficult to do for sites but for wordpress it is easiest thing to do. Practically we have to do nothing but to add content to our blog. Thanks for explaining titles because that is the most difficult part to do.

  4. Dave:

    I’ve been a lurker in your Lab for years and just wanted to say thanks for consistently delivering useful information about real estate technology. According to my Google Reader, I read 69% of your posts – which ranks you 4th out 141 of my subscriptions!

    Brad Nix ´s last blog post..3 Questions Atlanta Real Estate Buyers Should Ask

  5. @Brad Nix – Ah, a lurker who loved dark beer and wears a tie in his avatar. I could say something about the combination, but I too it appears have a tie on in my avatar.

    Glad to make your acquaintance. Hum, now how can I get to #3?

    Thanks Brad for letting me know someone else is reading the musings of an RE Lab Rat.

  6. Mark Madsen says

    wow, I’ve got some reading to do. I just unchecked my boxes for the categories and tags based on the fact that I trust you, but I’ll go back and read your other posts so that I can learn why I did that. We’re changing themes this month anyway, so I’ll probably have to fix everything again.

    Thanks for the info.


  7. Dave,

    Be careful upgrading to V 1.6.1 of this plug-in. I just did it and it wiped out all of my settings. I had to manually re-enter them. Just make sure to print out or screen-capture your settings before updating!

    Good luck.


    Chuck Gillooley ´s last blog post..The San Carlos Real Estate Week In Review: 7/11/09.

  8. Chuck,

    Thanks for the information. I’ll check this out and put a full post up. I’ll pass on this update and hope they get this fixed before the next.


  9. Huddson Lee says

    Hello Dave,

    Thanks for the settings and lengthy explanation.

    I unchecked both use noindex for categories and archives as per your screenshot(they were checked as default setting), I hope that will help although I’m not sure about how and if search engines will see as duplicate contents.

    Thank you, Huddson
    .-= Huddson Lee´s last blog ..How To Use Google Analyticator =-.

  10. Hey Dave,

    There have been a number of upgrades to this plug-in in the past months, and some new fields have been created. Was wondering if you could update us all with your recommended settings, including the new fields.


    .-= Chuck Gillooley´s last blog ..Halloween Happenings in San Carlos. =-.

  11. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the information. I was wondering if have an opinion on removing %blog_title% from the format section on each category? I have been working with someone I consider a pretty forward thinking and knowledgeable SEO guy on this and it has seem to help out. I was curious on your thoughts.

    Thanks for the blog!


  12. Sean,

    It makes no SEO sense to remove the blog title from categories. Ex. I have a category “Blogging In General” if I remove the blog title from it, that’s all I get. No SEO value in that at all. But “Blogging in General | The Real Estate Blog Lab” That pinpoints, and get’s my site name in there.

    I wouldn’t remove it.