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Navigation Made Easy

Navigation Made Easy

So the Superbowl is over and it is Sunday afternoon and you are through reading your email and feedreader.   The movie on TV isn’t interesting and you are looking for something to feed your Geek Sweet tooth.

I’ve got just the toy for you.

The Multi-Level Navigational Plugin can provide you at least an hours fun and frustration.   Maybe even a little more if you really want to tweak the thing (and I know you want to tweak it).

You can see it in action at the top of the Lab.   The shiny blue bar with the words in it are the result of this plugin being active.   I tried it one other time and never got it working so I gave up and moved on.   I never deactivated the thing and I spotted it again this morning (3:18 am this morning to be exact)   (Don’t ask) and decided to while away a couple sleepless hours on the thing.   It didn’t take that long.   And with this post it shouldn’t take you as long as it did me.

Install the plugin and activate it.

Add this line of code to your header file where you want the navigation bar to show up.   Probably at the bottom of the header file.

<?php if (function_exists('pixopoint_menu')) {pixopoint_menu();} ?>

If you want to customize the look of the navigation bar to fit your theme you should grab a few hex color codes you want to use for the main menu and sub-menus.   Otherwise there are a number of pre-made designs from which you can choose.   One hint, if you are using your own colors you might want to select “no image” for the background image of the main navigation bar.

When you are ready go to CSS Design page to create the layout and look of your navigation bar.

When you make changes to the layout and colors you click “Submit Design” to see what it will look like from the sample menu generated above.

When you are happy with what you see scroll down and copy the CSS stylesheet code in the window.

Now you can go back to the Mulit-Level Navigation Settings page and paste the code in appearance.   However, I found it didn’t work there.   I had to go to the style.php using the theme editor and paste the code at the bottom of the style.php file and save it.

UPDATE:   With version 1.9.6 the css styles from within the settings page now work.   I removed the custom Settings from the CSS style.php and copied the custom ones to the plugin settings option page.

Back to the Settings page and Menu Content   You select from pulldowns what you want to appear in order across the navigation bar.   I played with this for a while with the lab open in one tab and the options in another.   Make a change and refresh the other tab.   I did this till I liked the layout of the navigation bar.

I also tweaked the CSS once installed to make the dropdowns wider and the text larger.   Using the same method described above.

I’m not going to spoil all the fun of fumbling around and guessing what stuff does.   Especially the second set of menu options below the initial menu options which I have no idea yet what those setting do, nor do I understand the “custom” options.   (More fun to be had if you so desire)

Oh, yeah, there is the settings tab in the settings as well.   I didn’t goof with any of those.   Thought I’d save those for some other sleepless night.

I do like having that top navigation.   I have so much stuff in the sidebar navigation it isn’t easy to spot where the pages, categories etc. are located.   This plugin makes it pretty easy to add the dropdown navigation making it easier to navigate the Lab.

There you have it;   Sunday afternoon Geek-Tweak The Blog activity.   Go ahead knock yourself out.


  1. I will have to check it out… I SWEAR by this one … the NAVT Menu Plugin:

    Trace ´s last blog post..Mortgage Newsletter Marketing Basics

  2. @Trace – I installed the plugin you mentioned. I read all the documentation. But I couldn’t even configure the plugin.

    There was no drag and drop. Trying to create a group did nothing. Nothing worked on the admin page for the plugin. I couldn’t even find it since now under 2.7 it is located under Tools not Manage.

    I’m glad you figured it out, but I sure couldn’t even get it to do anything.

  3. It’s not the easiest to configure, but when it is configured you can drag and drop and create links and drop downs controlling nofollow, the type of link, whether the link has an image, add code before and after … etc. …. insane configurability …..

    Trace ´s last blog post..Mortgage Newsletter Marketing Basics

  4. @Trace – Like I said, It wouldn’t drag and drop anything. It was like trying to click on a screen shot, not an active page.

    Are you running it on 2.7 PHP 5 and FireFox browser?

  5. I am. First create a group under “Navigation Group” in upper left…. such as “topmenu” …. than click on either categories, posts, pages, or users (or you can create all sorts of other stuff such as custom links, etc.) … once you click on these items they populate assets…. then you will drag them to your new group. Once there you can click on little logo on left side of each to drag and change order or you can click on the actual name to open up customization box where you can change the actual wording the menu displays … so if it is a page called “Things To Help You Make More Money”, you can change the actual menu to read as “Make Money” ….

    You will need to add the correct line of code into your theme and it will include the name of the group you have created such as “topmenu” ….

    If you wanted one for your top menu, sidebar and footer menu, you would create groups for each and add the NAVT code in proper place in theme for each….

    Trace ´s last blog post..Mortgage Newsletter Marketing Basics

  6. @Trace – That’s what I’ve been saying I CAN’T CREATE A GROUP. I type in a name hit create and I might as well be clicking on dead air. Nothing happens. No group, No drag, No drop, nothing.

    That’s why I asked if you were running 2.7 PHP 5 and what browser you were using.

  7. I’m looking around and it seems others are having issues as well:

    I freaking love this plugin and am / was going to include it in LeadPress release, but even authors home page is down…. not sure what is going on… he was one of the first really solid plugin devs I really trusted… might be better to stay away in the mean time…

    Trace ´s last blog post..Mortgage Newsletter Marketing Basics

  8. After reading your blog I tried to configure it myself. After spending 45 min. on it I have decided to have the college kid in my office give it a try. I hope I can get it to work.

  9. Oh man, I am in love with this plugin. It just might make me use Firefox more than IE now… haha… thanks for the post. this is great!

  10. Hi,
    Thanks for the review of our plugin 🙂

    The plugin does not currently have drag and drop functionality. I would like to add support for that in a future release though. If any of you need help implementing it, then just do the best job you can and then leave a post in our forum ( The problem is usually easily fixed and I’ll post back with a solution eventually (usually within a day, although I have been quite busy lately and responses by me having been lagging by up to a week at times).

    @Trace I’m not sure why the site would have been down. It was probably just down for a few minutes, everything should be functional again now.

  11. Ryan,

    Thanks for dropping by. I’ve recently changed themes and don’t think I’ll use the plugin on this one. But I really like the Multi-Level Navigational Plugin. It is a little difficult to set up at first which is why I wrote the post to help others figure it out. I do love your plugin. Thanks again for stopping by the Lab.


  12. @Ryan: No worries, was referring to other NAVXT website, not yours. 🙂