More Power Mr. Scott I need More Power

Thanks for letting me return to my youth and enjoy that momentary trek back in time.

Yesterday I wrote about WordPress Version or GoDaddy Hosting. I love how quickly Google indexes some things and already today had a response by comment from someone at GoDaddy and a missed call (I was at the Dr. office, they don’t like cell phones there much) and a second comment in response from the person at GoDaddy leaving the comment. The tech from Godaddy said he would call me later this evening to see if he can help address the slowness of the blog.

Here are some of the things I’ve done today which have had some effect but not the kind Kirk wanted from Scotty.

  1. Google Gears was already installed, but I was using the Flock browser and not FF. I’m using FF. (Still like Flock better)
  2. I removed all plugins that were not being used. I have tested a lot of them over the past couple of years and removed everyone not in use.
  3. I took out the database calls in the header file and replaced them with static HTML
  4. I installed the Dashboard Management Plugin and removed almost everything from the dashboard except incoming links and write new post
  5. I created a new database on a different server backup the lab database and restored on the other server (clean lay down of the data)
  6. Tied to 5 above, the new database is MYSQL 5.0 the old one was 4.0 The new server is PHP 5 the old one was PHP 4
  7. I activated the WP Super Cache plugin and configured it.

Most of these are considered to improve load times rather than navigation inside the admin panel or editor. The saves in the editor and navigation from editor, to comment management, to dashboard, to plugins is where a lot of the wait time comes in.

By putting the database on another server I split the calls to the server between images and database calls which are not on two separate servers.   Of course the down side: “Now I have to have two servers functioning to load the blog.” HUM!

I just pressed “Save” and it took 20 seconds for the save to take place and the editor to be available to continue.   I think some of this must have to do with saving Post Revisions of a single post.   I really wish this was an option to be turned off.

I also wrote a quick draft post in a 2.2.2 WP blog today and none of these issues were apparent.

Google Gears   Auto Save and Post Revisions

I thought Google Gears was to move much of the editing functions to my HD, yet with every save or move I see “Waiting on” at the bottom of the screen.   The only thing it should be doing there is saving the post.   I get the same message when opening a blank editor to write a new post.   I also wish I could set the time between auto saves because it save a lot and hesitates while doing so.

Comparative Load Times

Comparative Load Times

Comparative Load Times

I have to wonder if WP wasn’t experiencing some of these issues in development. Maybe that’s why we even have the TURBO option. I hope this is something that can be addressed in the next release, but I fear it is going to be more bells and whistles with more whistle time while waiting.

Save and Log In Again.

Finally ready to preview this post, pressed Save once again and after 30 seconds was sent to the login screen.   After logging back in there were a couple of words missing from my last edit.

Maybe all these auto saves aren’t such a bad idea after all.

Have a great evening, I’m going to go watch Dirty Harry for the fifth time this week.   I think it is the “Dead Pool” tonight.   I feel like I’ve been swimming in it all day.   Oh, Geez here goes another attempt at save.


  1. I already ran up that tree. I turned off the autosave, and save post revisions about a week or 2 ago. It was a little better, but still not what it needs to be.

    I really don’t know where to go from here, I have done everything you pointed out, except the splitting the load between 2 servers, since I don’t know how. But I keep thinking, I should not have to do any of this it worked before.

    I have even checked my internet connection speeds. GoDaddy did mention 1 thing, commented that my Home page was a half a MB….is that big these days? I see a lot of multimedia sites that are 2 MB.

  2. Jay,

    One thing I will do sometimes: If I have several posts with a lot of images, slide show or video I will limit the number of post displayed down to 3 to 5 posts on the home page. Once those cycle off I’ll put it back up to 10 posts. I know some sites have 50 posts or more. I prefer 7 to 10 posts.

  3. Jay,

    How did you turn off autosave and post revisions?

  4. Jay,

    I have two deluxe hosting packages with GoDaddy. Each is on a different server. I put the database in one hosting package and the image directory for the blog on the other server. Split up the load of DB calls and image uploads.

    Today I wrote a post with the images stored on my Flickr account instead of my image directory. And put in a link to a set of images and slide show of those images on Flickr.

    The Upside: the bandwidth is Flickr

    The Downside: I get a lot of traffic from Google on my images in my image directory which I won’t get using Flickr

  5. I followed the instructions here How To Turn Off Post Revisions in 2.6
    No matter what it stops those little pauses that happen, even when things would be running good.

    I see what you mean about the split-up, but still, should not have to do it.

  6. Jay,

    I should have mentioned, splitting the load on two servers only effect the load time for visitors to your blog, not the load times for moving around the admin or editor.

  7. We have lift off! Just don’t know why or how.

    So I was about to roll-back to 2.5.1, but I decided if I was gonna go drastic and inevitably bring my self more work, there was something else I should try.

    1. I Deactivated all plug-in’s
    2. Optimized, and repaired the db, and dropped tables I was sure were not in use.
    3. Checked, lightning fast obviously
    4. started reactivating plugins 1 by 1 and really working it before going and activating the next.
    So far I am about half way done with reactivating, and all the big ones are activatd (ie GRE, nextgen gallery, tinymce advanced) My load times are around 4.9 secs according to so far, which is manageable.
    I realize this really not an explanation or a fix, but something is working so far. I really couldn’t remember if I did this or not before, I know I did it as your suppose to do when updating WP, but couldn’t recall since. So maybe, if you have not tried this yet, it is worth a go. Now I still have to go back in put all my text widgets and php code widget things I use, but Oh well…

  8. Jay,

    This is great information. I’ve found mine a little faster doing similar things.

    This is the kind of step by step information which everyone can use in diagnosing an issue. Let us know if you do find something which really puts the breaks on as you re-activate the other half.

    Thanks Jay, you have provided very valuable information and resources.

  9. Hey Dave,
    Was checking in with on this slow topic again. Have you discovered anything new? Mine is back to being slow, and unruly again. The tricks that seemed to work last time are not working now.
    I visit a lot of blogs, and most are WP, I also read a lot of tech forums, basically everyone thinks it is just plugins, but I am really not running many anymore, and definitively not many that I really don’t NEED.
    There are really only a few of us I can consider kindred spirits on this subject, but I am really at a loss as to what to do.

  10. Jay,

    Once I got the Lab database updated and the multitude of unused plugins removed it picked up. I use Flock browser more than Firefox and it seems to do saves faster than FF.

    I looked at your site and your are doing some very heavy lifting with a few of those plugins.

    NextGen Gallery, cforms, and GeoPress are all resource dependent and can really slow down even just saving a blog post.

    There are other things I’ve noticed looking at your source.

    One thing I would change, which won’t be effecting your speed but should help you is change the


    I also noticed your structure is odd in that you have your blog in a blog directory but the posts then hop out of the directory to a directory on the root.

    This could be causing some of the speed issues you are dealing with. I’ve never seen a blog functioning the way yours does in this regard.

    You might want consider creating another blog or single property sites to your listings and then link out to them on your main blog. If you create those blogs in a directory on your site you keep the Google juice and can remove those heavy duty plugins from your main site and blog.