Modifying Twenty Ten CSS

Typically when adding your own structures to a CSS file you put them at the end of the file.   They are easier to find down there and know where the original code ends and your additions/modifications begin.

Twenty Ten CSS will throw you a loop

I started making changes that way, but none of my changes were showing up.   Turns out the Devs at WP put some Mobile Browser and Print Styling at the bottom of the style.css

/* =Mobile Safari ( iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch )
————————————————————– */

Further down you will find:

/* =Print Style
————————————————————– */

The best thing to do is go right above the Mobile Safari remarks and put your additions/modifications there.

Granted, sometimes you have to have put them higher in the code.   For those occasions, especially deletions I often will remark out the original code and place the new code directly below it.


  1. Nice tip. I’ll try it now, as I couldn’t change the typography of the posts.