Meebo and WC3 Validation Errors

meebo chat windowMeebo hit the RE Blogging community last week when it started showing up on a lot of the real estate blogs I read everyday.  

I found this Meebo post at 3 Oceans Real Estate  by Kevin Boer  
quickly followed by seeing it appear on:

Phoenix AZ Real Estate Blog   Jonathan Dalton
Transparent RE                                     Pat Kitano
Tucson Real Estate

I put it on the Lab blog to take it for a spin.   It requires you to install a code snippet which I put in a text box in the side-bar widget.   It also requires you to log into your Meebo account in order to appear online and ready to chat.

You don’t chat in the same window like Gabbly   you can see it in action at Sellsius

When someone comes to your blog Meebo goes out and checks to see if you are available.   This does effect the load time of your blog and it repeats the process every time a user clicks to view a new page or post.

The downside I discovered is the Meebo code causes 6 wc3 validation errors.   At least it did on both my blogs.   Once I removed the meebo code snippet the validation errors went away.

I’m very particular about staying WC3 compliant.   I like seeing the green screen of validation instead of the red screen of errors.

If it doesn’t bother you to be out of WC3 compliance Meebo might be for you.   For I’ve removed it from both blogs.   If I get time I’ll try and see if there is a fix for the code to bring it into compliance like the fix for the MyBlogLog Widget  posted here.


  1. jf.sellsius says

    That’s very interesting Dave. Do you find the same validation errors with Gabbly? We used Meebo at first but switched to Gabbly only because it seemed the conversation strings were viewable longer.

  2. jf

    I had Gabbly on for a couple of day till my wife kept asking me what that tone was. It also seemed to take up bandwidth resources so I took it down.

    Personally I love it on your site. You have 1000 times the traffic I get on either of our blogs. Not to mention how many of your posts people want to comment on.

    I don’t know where you come up with all that stuff.

    If you were on long you probably saw several themes. I’m working on that right now. I’m amazed as I test themes how many of them produce errors in and of themselves.

    Once I get one picked I’ll test Gabbly and get back to you. I hope it is clean or has a fix if not. I like it on your blog. Your’s is the only one I’ve seen it being actively used.

  3. Thanks Dave. I, and many others I’m sure, appreciate your technical know how. We just find neat things to try out without any consideration of the “unintended consequences”.

    I like your experimentation with the theme.
    The wide open borderless look seems to convey a “roomy” feel. Other “tighter” themes get me a little clautrophopic. I’m sure it’s just my quirkiness. Anyway, good luck with it.

    We many get a little more traffiic but I say you are well on your way to being a must-read blog. Your information is just too darn valuable.

    Thanks for having our backs Dave.

    PS Besides a lean mean feedreader, we get some good ideas from

  4. jf,

    I’ve got an answer for you. Yes the gabbly code produces 4 WC3 validation errors.

    The good news they be fixed easily.

    Go to your gabbly code and replace the & signs with &+amp; remove the + and the code will validate.

  5. Thanks Dave. Will do.