Mary, Mary, not contrary, how does your MeMe Grow

Maureen Francis  tagged me for the latest round of contagion going around.   This virus was started in another part of the blogosphere when it hit Mary McKnight at RSS Pieces it mutated quickly and began infecting the real estate blog continent.

Being very new in this community I thought I was safe from the virus.   Not many people even knew I existed let alone well enough to infect me. WRONG

Five Things You Dont Know About Me

  1. I have been an ordained minster for 36 years.   During that time I have served as a Youth Minister, Christian Education Director and Sr. Pastor.  To Mary’s husband and future minister, funerals are easier than weddings, there are no funeral rehersal dinners, at a funeral all people are grateful for your kind words, at a wedding there is almost always someone that wants to “make it better”.
  2. I have taught and tutored classical Greek.   When I started preaching, I would translate my own English text and speak using only my Greek New Testament;   unless I was speaking from the Old Testament. BTW, I failed Greek the first time I took it.
  3. Like many others I have lived outside the US for a time doing short term missions work in Japan. Yes I still speak a little Japanese.   It was learning Japanese that helped me grasp Greek.
  4. I have served as the Database Administrator of the largest real estate brokerage in Southern Arizona. When I started programming computers it was with boards and wires.
  5. I have never had a computer class.   When I was preaching full time, I would read computer tech manuals for light reading, theology is much harder.   I have read a lot of books.

That’s my list.   Now in the same spirit of Ardell at Rain City Guide.   I’ll not spread this contagion least it become a pandemic of biblical proportions.

I’m not a part of the Yankee Blog Swap   but I agree with Ardell, let’s not muddy the waters with that beginning tomorrow.   After all that is supposed to be the day “the real estate blogosphere will be turned on its head when 28 of the industry’s top bloggers swap blogs for a day”, not some Meme virus.   Since I’m number 29, I’ll not be participating, that’s ok I’m still celebrating being selected as Time Magazine’s Person of the year for 2006.


  1. Dave,

    Thanks for playing along and congratulations on being the person of the year!

    I took Latin. It helped on the SAT’s. I think the nun who taught me spoke Latin as her first language. She was not young, but she wanted us to learn. Her nickname was Sr. Mary Cafeteria, so I guess you know what else she did besides teach Latin. It would take a special person to be the lunch room monitor is a high school.

  2. Wow Dave! So impressed. Looks like this meme did one other unexpected thing. It connected us Christians!

    You are definitely in on the next swap and hoping to include you in the next “outside the box” event I have literally been “cooking” up.

  3. Mary, It was interesting to me how many of us that blog have lived outside the US for a time. It was an outside the box experience for me and quite life changing.

    The connecting of the Son Followers was a serendipity.

    I’ve learned a lot from you reading RSS Pieces, and I’ve been wondering if God built you with an over active caffine gland.

    Thanks for what you bring to the RE Blogging community.