Magazeen Theme Features

I should say, “Magazeen Theme features I like”. The more I play with this theme the more I like it.   I do hope there are some things which can be made to work better with   certain plugins.   Not that the theme needs plugins but some features of the theme stop functioning with certain plugins activated.

Here are a couple of the features which seem to be unique to this theme.

Jquery latest feature showcase


Latest Articles List

In the center of the screen under the header is a row of images associated with the last 7 posts.   I changed the number and the size of the images from the original theme.   When you mouse over the images the title of the post associated with the image is displayed where The Latest Article first appears.   Click on the image and it will take you to the post.

You will also notice there is a little shadow under the one selected.   That is a nice visual effect and pleasing to the eye.

Caveat: However I found this breaks if you have almost any comment plugin activated on your blog

  • Commentluv
  • Wp Ajax Edit Comments
  • Wp Twitip ID

All of these will stop the mouse over titles of the posts from appearing.   Without it for the most part they are just pretty pictures.   The Title Tags do appear which is something at least and if I can’t come up with a solution I’ll probably re activate those plugins and live with the jquery not working.

Related Posts Dropdown


Related Post Dropdown

This is another nice bell and whistle.   At the bottom of the Two posts on the home page the category the post is in is shown with a + next to it.   Click on the category name or the + and a dropdown appears with the 5 latest posts in that category.

But it only exist on those two posts.   It is not included on the single post pages. (I changed that for the lab and put the code there so it works on single posts as well as the homepage.)

It is a nice feature and does encourage readers to explore your blog more. It has the effect of an easter egg built into the functionality of the blog.

Custom Widgets

There are three custom widgets built into the theme itself.

  1. Featured News (You pick the category and number of posts to display)
  2. Recent News (You pick the number of recent posts to display)
  3. Sponsored Ad (Looks like you can add an ad code and title)

You could probably find a use for the Sponsored Ad widget for some code or an image in your sidebar if you don’t have ads on your blog.

The top two widgets display thumbnail images which you can assign to the post.   The image doesn’t have to appear in the post, but it does have to be added to the post using the “Add an Image” button.

There is a Magazeen Post Options field where you can past the url of the image that has been imported and the theme will create various size thumbnails to be displayed in the Latest Article, Featured News, Recent News, and in the four code excerpt boxes at the bottom of the homepage.

If you don’t want the image used for the thumb to be in the post you import the image add it to the post, copy the url to the Post Options field and delete the image from the post.   It will use that url to create the various thumbnails.

Top Navigation

I like the top navigation bar placement and how it looks.   But, it doesn’t scale.   There is a background image and if you have more page titles than will fit on one line it breaks the formatting appearance of the navigation bar.

Footer with Categories

The list of categories in two columns in the lower left corner of the footer are nice. Clicking on any of the category names listed will take you to the category.   Again, if the category names are too long it will break the formatting the text from the overflow will appear behind the next category on the list. (This too was altered to be a wider area to allow for longer category names.

Theme Aesthetics

The theme looks good on the screen.   The fonts and sizes of each are pleasing to the eye and easy to read.   Yes, I tweaked a few of the font settings.   I made the post font larger and made some of the h tags smaller.

The colors work well together on the original theme.   This too is modified for the lab. LOL, I’m not a big fan of pink, another sign of aging eyes.

I like the graphics used to compose the theme and the comment box is large.   I like the colors used to create the dividers between titles and post and the way there is a post list at the bottom of the homepage.

It is the first magazine style theme I’ve found easy to tweak and modify.   It is the first magazine style them which seemed easy to navigate.

The four post excerpts are the next posts after the two full posts on the homepage.   I’ve seen some themes where these boxes are the latest post in a category.   This mean I could be looking at a month old post on the homepage if the post displayed was the latest written for that category a month ago.

This magazine theme seems to be easy to navigate.

In the next post I’ll cover some of the things I didn’t like, found missing which I thought should be added, and modification I made to the theme for my personal formatting and aesthetics preferences.


  1. Mark Madsen says

    I like this theme, Dave. It is easy to navigate and the photos at the top are great eye candy. I’m giving my FHA blog a new design in a few weeks and was considering a mix between the studiopress metro and streamline, but I might consider this as well.

    I’ll keep an eye on your blog for updates about this theme.



  2. The new theme looks pretty nice. For a second when I came here I thought I typed in a different url. I have been looking through the different themes recently. I would like to find a decent theme I can use as the front page for a site and not just for the blog.

  3. Dave, I love the new layout. I’m not sure I’ve seen one quite like it before. The font is easy to read, the pictures at the top are better than just font describing a subject, and it’s just so darn easy to navigate. What’s not to love? I think your new design is one of the easiest layouts to navigate on the web. Throw in the fact I think you come up with the best real estate website content on the web, I’m sold.

  4. Dear Dave, I’ve read on another post on your website that you have made modifications to this theme that let you just show the main article’s image in the Dock, without having to display it on the post. If you could send me the files I need to replace, or instructions on how to do it myself, I would really appreciate it.

    Have a nice day!