Lights Dim in Blog Lab Aug. 1-16, 2008

Ontario Ohio 50 Years

Ontario Ohio 50 Years

I know I have disappeared for a while before, possibly even as long as two weeks. Let’s not belabor the point.

Moving on, For the past two weeks I’ve done somthing I’ve never done before.   I hoped into my Chevy Tracker, by myself and headed back to Ontraio Ohio where I grew up.   It was the 40th class reunion of my high school graduation.   I could have flown, but there were a lot of friends and family I wanted to see along the way.   Flying complicated making all the stops.

Friday Aug. 1 I left Tucson and headed for Ontraio, Ohio located just outside of Mansfield, Ohio.   Mansfield is celebrating 200 years as a city and Ontario 50 years.   The graduating class of 68 was celebrating 40 years and no there weren’t many of us that looked like we did 40 years ago.   Ok, none of us looked like we did 40 years ago.   Thankfully we had name tags with our graduation pictures and names on them.   It was funny to see everyone grabbing their reading glasses looking at the face, looking at the name tag picture and name, then looking back in the face.   Smiling and thinking “OMG the years have not been kind”

But I digress : )

The Blog that keeps on Giving

I won’t go into detail about the trip.   That’s not the purpose of this post.   It is to reinforce how important a piece of your Real Estate Marketing your blog can be.   I had a couple of posts almost ready to publish before I left.   I (as many RE bloggers do) thought I would have time to post along the way.   That didn’t happen.   I did see a lot of real estate and photograph a lot of it as well.   It is the first trip I’ve taken since working in Real Estate and I had that “eye” open to what I was seeing as I crossed through 10 states and back again.

The comments and leads continued to come in while I was gone and not posting new material.   The many posts which were available to provide valuable information to consumers were still there, still doing their work even while I was traveling.

Taking a two week break in posting is never in my marketing plan.   However, having a kind of marketing plan that keeps on working on its own, is a very good marketing plan.

Now I’m back, I have a lot of comparative market information to write about.   I’ve also added a lot of photos to my portfolio for future blog posts.

I never leave the house without a camera.   I would never leave on a trip without one.   Thinking outside the box is also helpful, looking at everything and every place as information you can use to post is what I call “Digging the well deeper”.

Now I’m back in the lab and there are plenty of experiments waiting for further attention.   We will get back to our posts on building a better WP Theme and making a few observations along the way.


  1. My 20 year was last month. Unfortunately it was about three days after I got home from the hospital so I didn’t end up going.