Lightbox Framing More Than an Image Effect

Lightbox for Images

Brittlebush against blue sky

Lightbox for Images

Lightbox can be used for more than images.   Did you know that?   You can put video, podcasts and yes even websites in a lightbox.

The plugin I’m using here at the lab is Flashbox Plus.   There are a lot of lightbox alternatives you can chose from that are compatible with WordPress 2.7

Which ever one you are using you probably use it for a great way to show enlarged images of smaller ones on your site.

But I’ll bet you never knew you could use it for embedded links and video as well.   Did you?

Lightbox Video


Lightbox a Website

Yes you can even “Frame in”, without using an I-frame, a website using Lightbox.

Want to see it?   Check out the Painting Tucson Photo Blog.

Oh, You want to see a real website. Check This Out.

I don’t have a podcast but they work the same way.   Using the ShadowboxJS query will give you more control over the size of the video window than does Flashbox Plus, but you loose that cool expand/contract effect which I like.

Don’t limit yourself to only using lightbox effect for images.   Expand on the use of that rel=”lightbox” in your links and surprise you readers.

Lightbox your Blogroll? How about No-follow?

Would you like to know how to make this an option for your blogroll?   I can show you how to add a checkbox in your blogroll options to add the code.   And while we are at it, I can show you how to add a “no-follow” option at the same time; that is if anyone is interested.


  1. Been using lightbox effects to frame IDX listings specific to building searches for over a year now. Very, very effective. Course, that depends on your IDX provider being able to do specific searches saved as a link (mine does). I also lightboxed some linked sites but found that it was better to just have it open a new browser tab. Videos might as well just be embedded. All in all, though, you got to love the thousands of enthusiastic developers out there building, modding, and slogging away on wordpress plugins and code for all of us.

  2. When we re-designed our websites we thought it would be a better user experience if we implemented light boxes. Our conversions have gone up 4 to 6 times 🙂 We love them and so do our users!!!!