Latest PR Update Some Interesting Observations

Not Quite The Speed Of Light

Posts Indexed Faster PR Trailing Behind

It was early on Saturday morning September 27th when I was on my little PR1 blog For No REal Reason when I looked up and noticed the little bit of green that had been there was missing. Hum! different data center? Nope PR update. I lost my lowly little PR.

I quickly checked my other blog home pages. No gain, but no loss either. Next up my Fable of Do Follow post with a PR4 ranking was now a PR3. Many of the other PR3 posts on site were now PR2. There was definitely an update and there were going to be a lot of unhappy campers.

Today I noticed something I haven’t noticed before. I play this little game every time there is a PR update. I go back in my post stream and find the latest post to be in the index or have gained PR. The closest I usually get is two months. Any thing written sooner does not show any PR.

PR Update Reflected in Much Newer Posts

This morning I was adding a comment to a post I wrote on September 13th. It had a PR2. This post was less than two weeks old at the time of the update and I was already seeing PR assigned to it. (this is one of the interesting observation)

Post Tags being Indexed

Finally I’ve been getting some interesting Google Alerts on a couple of my blogs. It seems the tags on posts are being indexed big time by Google. I’ve not submitted tags in my sitemap. Yet here they are rolling as as indexed in Google. About 4 to 10 of them a day. I don’t know that this is a good thing or just an observation. I do know that if I google search “Blackberry Curve Tucson” it comes up as number 1. Why anyone would Google that I don’t know, but it is an interesting observation.

It not only comes up #1 but the secondary result displayed is my home page link. I call it “Playing the game of Tag with Long Tails


  1. Doug,
    I have no idea how the PR system works. When are the updates put out and how do you when one has been completed? I am so lost in this topic area that it is not funny.

    My site has a PR3 still and has not change in a while. I guess I should not complain because it could always go down.

    Also, I didn’t realize that internal pages could get PR , shows what I know. Anyway, I will figure all of this out one day.

    Oh yeah, how did you get your picture to show up in the address bar? I notice people have their logos and all types of stuff there. Is that simple to pull off or am I going to have to know some serious coding?

    Thanks for the lab!

    Freddies last blog post..BOOK REVIEW: THINK AND GROW RICH

  2. Freddie,

    In the order of your comment

    1. Dave not Doug : )
    2. Most poeple only associate PR with their home page PR Yes every page of your site can have PR
    3. The little picture is a favicon. You can generate it from a number of different sites here in one:

    You can import an image and it will create the favicon for you. Once you generate your favicon.ico file place it in your root directory. You can have a different favicon.ico file for different sites. I have a different one for each site.

    No serious coding needed.

  3. Dave, my fault for the wrong name.

    So, I imagine building PR for internal sites is the same as the home site, link backs, traffic, relevancy and what not.

    Thanks for the tip on the Favicon. I was not hip to that at all, but now I am.

    I am loving the Lab by the way!

    Freddies last blog post..BOOK REVIEW: THINK AND GROW RICH

  4. Freddie,

    Building PR to internal pages and posts is what contributes to PR for those pages/posts and continued inclusion in the index.

    If you have a particular page or post you want people to find then use the URL to that post when you are leaving comments. You don’t have to use the home page URL for every comment.

    This is a good way to build some backlinks to those internal pages you want to keep indexed and guide traffic to in the future.

  5. Normally I noticed PR everyday, but for some reason I didn’t notice it until I read your blog post! Sure enough, my main real estate site dropped to a PR 3?

  6. I know how hard growing a site can be, I feel like saying “sorry for your loss” like a relative has died, but even though we all like to see rising PR, quality content will bring readers regardless. I dropped from a 4 to a 3 on my main site that I haven’t been posting much on and jumped from 0 to 2 on the site I started two months ago. I guess that means I got a +1 overall.

  7. I spent some time researching a bunch of sites and it appears that I found more sites that dropped in PR than went up. It looks like Google is really devaluing inbound links. I noticed that many sites that I follow didn’t have a decrease in inboud links so the only conclusion I can come up with is that Google is devaluing links from many websites.

    Tony Senas last blog post..Do You Blog for Business or Other Real Estate Industry Professionals?

  8. Yea it looks like Google did a re-valuation of links. I saw a lot of sites took a hit including a few of my PR6 sites that are now PR5. I thought the old value of PR was a little high. Better to not get hung up on the green bar. less stress 🙂

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