Landing Site Plugin Slow Your Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is usually considered something we can do little about directly.   But there is a plugin which might slow your bounce rate and keep readers on your site longer.

Landing Site Plugin for Slower Bounce Rate

Landing Site Plugin for Slower Bounce Rate

We have all done a search on a term and found the results to be less than on target.   Sometimes instead of the information we are looking for we get sent to the home page of the site.   Nothing on that page has anything to do with what we are looking for.   If there is a search box we might try and search for our specific term to see if we can find what is there and why it was in our search results.

But how many users even know they can use a search box to refine there search. Plus there are a lot of blogs out there that don’t even have a search box on them.   This is where the Landing Site Plugin comes into play.

Landing Site Plugin

I’ve only just activated this plugin and run it through a couple of test searches to see how it works.   It wasn’t working.

Before I gave up and turned it off I went back to the plugin page in wordpress and looked around some more for details since I didn’t see any setup information directly related to the plugin or options panel for configuring the plugin.

Under the FAQ tab, not a good place to put this information, it was noted you had to add a code snippet to the index.php of your theme in order for the plugin to work.

<?php if (ls_getinfo('isref')) : ?>
   <h2><?php ls_getinfo('terms'); ?></h2>
   <p>You came here from <?php ls_getinfo('referrer'); ?> searching for <i><?php ls_getinfo('terms'); ?></i>. These posts might be of interest:</p>
     <?php ls_related(5, 10, '<li>', '</li>', '', '', false, false); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Once I found this code and added it to the index.php file it was time to take it for another test spin.

If the search result is returning the pertinent post nothing happens.   It took several tries before I found a search result that triggered the plugin.

Tucson AZ food festival 2008 was the one that showed what a great plugin Landing Site is for keeping visitors on site and finding what they are looking for specifically.

Because of the the nature of data centers and changing results from Google searches you probably can’t reproduce the search by the time you are reading this, but here is what the site displayed directly under the title of the current post:

tucson az food festival 2008

You came here from searching for tucson az food festival 2008. These posts might be of interest:

These are the five posts that come the closest to matching the search query. It is like having the search box built in and activated when the referring site lands on the home page and the search terms aren’t directly related to the results on your site.

For the little trouble to put the code in your index.php you can have the peace of mind that finally visitors have a really good chance of finding what brought them to your site in the frist place.


  1. Oh thank you for the plugin information and for sharing the info. about the code to add to the index.php area!

  2. That is a good reason to have the search that I had not considered. One of my blogs has the search and I never considered it helping keep my bounce rate lower.

    I think I will add that to my website as well. Thanks.

  3. @Dave – now that you have had the plugin installed for awhile have you seen a drop in your bounce rate? I have a bounce rate that is a little higher than I would like to see so thought if this is working well for you I might just implement it. Thanks in advance for your response.

  4. James,

    I’ll be honest, I don’t use Google Analytics. I have it set up on one of my RE Blogs, but never look at it. Bounce Rates are for those concerned about people spending time on their site. I don’t.

    I don’t care how long someone is reading at the Lab, the real readers us RSS to read.

    For my RE blogs, I post a lot of schedules and information on local events. Short, pertinent information which doesn’t require a lot of reading. There are enough of these posts to skew any analysis of bounce rates.

    I check hits, search terms, results (business). Bounce Rate is for GEEKS. Lol, yes I’m a geek, but I’m in therapy for it.

  5. Lol, I really get a kick out of your sense of humor are there any of the National blogging events that you attend.

  6. James,

    There are national blogging events? I spoke at REBlogworld and really loved the entire BlogWorld conference.

    Inman I would love to attend, but it is way to expensive for me. REBarCamp is another I would like to make sometime.

    BlogWorld is great. Not focused on RE and at the same time REBlogworld is a great kick-off to the event. I’ll go again next year.

  7. I always worry about this and I might be totally crazy paranoid (probably so). But I always worry that some algo will accidently think that I am clocking even though its obviously not the case if anyone actually looked at it. But I dont understand how they auto detect clocking.

  8. I had been using landing sites until I started using the thesis theme. Now I have not reinstalled it yet. It was hard to configure for a non techy like me, but I loved the results once I got it in place. Thanks for reminding me I need to do this again.

  9. We just had an REBarCamp here in Houston, Texas and I enjoyed it alot. You really should make it to one in the near future.

  10. Just a quick note as it took me a while to figure out. If you use this plugin in combination with WP_Super_Cache you’ll need to disable caching for your home/front page.

    Otherwise every visitor the the home page will see the search the first visitor used when the cache was clean (or no search if they didn’t come from a search engine).

    .-= Ian Brodie´s last blog ..Selling With Stories: Answering Tough Questions =-.

  11. Ian,

    Thanks for the head’s up on this one. I’m not a fan of WP_Super_Cache. I’ve found it conflicts with way to many normal functions of a blog. And unless you are getting thousands of hits a day or an hour there is really no use for it. I find I can handle all the traffic to my sites quite well without it. On a good day thats 1500 hits.