KB Advanced RSS Plugin

Last month I wrote about   RSS Widgets under utilized.   One of the suggestions I had for quick, fresh content which could be updated daily was to create an RSS Feed using Twitter Hashtags.   The only thing I didn’t like about the idea was the hashtags showing up on every post to the feed.

Enter KB Advanced RSS Plugin

There is a lot you can do to tailor your RSS Feeds with this plugin.   The feature I like the most to compliment the idea above is the ability to trim characters from the feed.   For example if I tweet a hashtag “#FNRR showing a friend how to use hashtags”   The hashtag shows up at the start of the Feed, but using the KB Advanced RSS Plugin I can tell it to trim off those first 5 characters.   The result, I get just the tweet and new content on my blog.

There are a lot of different ways this idea could be used.   For example, I have a friend here in Tucson who performs weddings and holds receptions.   His blog is My Tucson Wedding.   The other day over lunch I suggested he could have a big screen projection set up to display an RSS Feed so messages could be displayed to the couple on screen from the people at the reception using Twitter and hashtags.

I like the idea of using hashtag tweets for quick notes and updates of information pertaining to a particular blog.   I currently have three RSS Widgets set up to display hashtag feeds from Twitter on various blogs.

If you want to take more control over your RSS Feeds showing up on your blog I suggest you check out the KB Advanced RSS Plugin.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion! Might check it out soon.

  2. Linda Craft-Cary NC Real Estate Expert says

    What a great way to cross promote your different optimization tools! And I love the idea of guests getting to “twitter” at an event.