John Lockwood REALTOR®(thingy goes here) Plugin

trademarkI have on rare occasions used the word Realtor ® in a blog post. Simply because I know it is supposed to have a trademark symbol after it and I don’t know where that symbol is nor do I can to learn. Instead I use real estate agent, which I know being a real estate agent and a Realtor ® is not the same thing. But it made it so I didn’t have to find the trademark symbol.

Many of you have real estate blogs in which you talk about the industry and Realtors ® or Realtor ®.com. Now there is a great plugin which will put that trademark symbol in your blog posts for you. You don’t even have to preview to see it. Just save your post as you write it and you will see the symbol has been added.

Dare I say, “This is Cool”, I hope that doesn’t date me too much.

John, a huge thank you. It is nice to have such a handy plug-in to take care of this kind of nuisance issue when writing about Realtors ®(all caps here).

You can read about John’s Realtor ® Plug-in at Particle Wave. Here’s the catch. The plugin will break the url to any post or site with the word Realtor ® in it. But I made sure the link in this post would work.


  1. Dave,

    Thanks for the plugin plug! Actually I fixed the problem with URLS with the word Realtor in it in the latest release, which I think is a lot more user friendly and allows you (if you want to throw the switch in the code) to use the plugin for comments as well.

    The latest version (same URL you posted) would not have changed above to Realtor(r).com, for example. The matching code is much better, so I recommend it.

    But thanks for being such an early adopter, and for helping to spread the word about it.

  2. John,

    I actually wrote the post with 1.2 and then saw the 1.3. I’ve upgraded to 1.3 but I think because the post was written with 1.2 it already had inserted the code.

    However, I did try and insert the link to your post three times with 1.3 active and each time it broke the url going to your post. That’s when I turned it off and redid the link.

    Great Plug-in, want to get the word out. So what’s next?

  3. Darn — that’s the one test case that fails out of about twenty of them. I left it that way because I wanted hyphenated cases like Realtor-centric to work. Looks like I need a version 1.4, since if it surfaced this easily there are bound to be other people using the word in their wordpress titles and hence getting it hyphenated in their permalinks. Version 1.4 should be up by the end of the day.

  4. I “upgraded” to v1.4 on NARWisdom and was indeed able to edit (and retain) the hyphenated URL without the R thingy.

    Nice work John!

  5. Jay — yes, I saw you were able to get it working. Thanks to both of you for helping to get the word out. I think the remaining bug (barring anyone finding new ones) of not supporting hyphenated cases is pretty rare/trivial, so thanks to your help it should be a pretty solid download now.

  6. Good find Dave… but, the first thing I noticed is that it does not work in the comments (made my first 2 comments today on an older post).

    Maybe this should be, more or less, directed at John?

    Matt Pellerin – Realtor

  7. Hey Dave,

    Somehow my employee’s picture showed up next to my post. Can you fix that?

    I asked him to remove my URL’s from his “MyBlogLog” profile, and he just did it. But, the picture still shows up.


    Matt Pellerin – Realtor

  8. Matt,

    John has a version 1.4 out now which I believe has it as an option to turn on or off for comments.

    Currently I don’t have it activated. There was an issue with it if realtor was in the URL, I turned it off to post the link to John’s post on the plugin.

    I never turned it back on. I should get 1.4 and reactivate it. I just never use the term myself.

  9. Matt,

    I have no control over those images. They come from MyBlogLog.

    It does appear the last approved has the images removed. I can delete the other comments if you like. This is the only way I can think to remove the image.

  10. Dave,

    Go ahead and delete them, if you want. But it would seem weird, you answering me, but answering to no comment?.!?

    I guess this post will be history before long, so it doesn’t matter to me that much either way (you decide). Just glad to see it’s no longer posting Max’s picture next to my comments.

    Thanks for clarifying.

    Matt Pellerin – Realtor

  11. Matt,

    I’m only guessing here, but I think the plugin that displays the MBL avatar writes the MBL id into the comment itself then calls that every time that particular comment is displayed. I’ll delete and reconstruct the comment which should break the link to the avatar.

  12. I just stumbled acroos this post and this seems like a very useful plugin. Is it still available?

  13. No Chris, I don’t believe it is available any longer.