It’s June are you ready for WP 3.0 ?

Release Candidate is now available. This is the version just before the official release. It is in the final polishing off bugs and buffing up the shine.

I’ve been using WP 3.0 beta through three versions now.   I love it.   When I do a new install these days 3.0 has been my choice even for the beta and especially for RC.   There are so many subtle features and addition.   Here are a few of my favorites.

The Visual Editor goes WYSIWYG (Kinda)

The visual editor now seems to be in sync with the css for the theme post area.   At first I wondered why it was wrapping the text when I had so much edit window to the right.   Then when I did the preview and back to the editor I had the “Ah Ha” moment.   This is really nice and I’m glad to see it finally a part of the visual editor.   I don’t know if it will work for all themes.   But the two I’ve tried it with so far work flawlessly.

The Visual Editor has its own CSS

You can now add some styling to the visual editor.   You can also add your own “classes” and include them in the dropdown where we have always seen the Paragraph, H3, H4, etc.   I don’t have any reason to do any styling changes to the editor, but the geek in my likes to have the option.


I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago that creating custom menus will be an option in 3.0 and the menu links don’t have to be inside the site itself.   Which means if you have more than one blog and some really cool content on one you want in your menu for the other simply create a menu link to the post.

There are other things that are nice touches that we will see in the final release and I’ll mention them at that time.

But my favorite thing about WP 3.0 is the new Default theme “Twenty Ten”.   You are going to love this theme.

Well thought out and pretty easy to customize.   Twenty Ten deserves a couple of posts by itself.

Are You Ready?

If you are up to date on upgrades you are ready.   The other day I did a jump from 2.8 to 3.0 beta 2 without any problems, but all my databases are MYSQL 5.   If you any on 4.o or 4.2 you will have issues.

Get things ready now, because 3.o is going to Rock the WP world. (well, at least stone it a little)


  1. I’m waiting for the day with the Visual Editor uses the site CSS so it looks as it actually does when you publish it on the site. THAT would be useful.
    .-= Carrie isaac´s last blog ..King Soopers: free deodorant, cheap laundry detergent again! =-.

  2. Carrie,

    ? didn’t I just say that? At least on my sites the visual editor is doing that. Which is the reference to WYSIWYG. So your wait is almost over, unless you want to upgrade now.


  3. I think I will be MORE ready for 3.01! I’ll wait till all the hackers have they moment in the spotlight, then WordPress comes out with the fix for the hacks. 🙂
    .-= Joe´s last blog ..Utter Disappointment And The Classiest Acts That Followed, Armando Galarraga, Detroit Tigers, Jim Joyce =-.

  4. Joe,

    It is is like 2.9 you won’t wait long. I think 2.9.1 came out the second or third day.


  5. Although I am a frequent blogger, I still haven’t embraced all the technical aspects to improve my experience on the backend of things. But I am actually looking forward to 3.0, I will definitely start tinkering with things much more on the new platform. Thanks for the post, Dave.
    .-= Alex Cortez´s last blog ..Maui luxury real estate market sees significant increases. =-.

  6. I think it’s better to wait some more weeks when the stable version will be released. Then I’ll update my blog with pleasure

  7. Jason,

    I would agree for an update. WP 3 is the first one I’ve tried in beta on new blog installs. I’ve been using it for a couple of months already. I’ve not encountered a single bug. I have blogs in 3.01. Beta and 3.0.2 Beta as well as 3.0 RC (release candidate) I’ve had no issues with any of them. I have several small blogs I use as my testers and when the final version is released they will be the first to be upgraded. When I’m satisfied I’ll post the all clear as I have for many previous versions.


  8. I’m more than ready – I love wordpress for one they know when to improve and don’t wait around on it! I’ve got so many sites running on wordpress, including this new one – bring on the change!!
    .-= Malita Jones´s last blog ..Groupon for My Fit Foods =-.

  9. I am stoked for the release of WP 3.0! WP has become and incredibe tool for the average user, to real estate agents and agencies and even further. Your write up was great, I havent had to testicular fortitude just yet to try the RC on a live site, but I am thinking I should after reading your review.

  10. Exciting news! Twenty Ten sounds like it will amazing. I am a sucker for surprises.

  11. Does that mean we won’t need TinyMCE anymore once 3.0 is final?

  12. Jans,

    The wait is over 3.0 is released. Have fun with it.

  13. I haven’t upgraded all of my sites (or clients sites) but 3.0 is very sweet! Thanks for the info and as always GREAT reads Dave!


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