In Exchange For This Free Article

Wait, if it is free, there is no exchange, right?

My name is _____ and I work for _________, a provider of high
quality, custom content for a wide variety of industries. I was impressed with and can provide you with free, professionally written blog articles crafted specifically for  you.
Your Benefit:
Based on your direction, we will prepare a custom article related to real estate. The post will be professionally written and edited and provided free of charge.
Our Benefit:
In exchange for this free article, we simply ask that you provide us a link in the content of our article to one of our client’s websites. Of course you will be able to decline the article if you are not satisfied with the content or with the linked URL

In Exchange for Free

I have to remember this one.  I’m sure I can find some places I can use this.  But none with a straight face.

Real Estate Related

This is my first clue they haven’t read anything on the site.  If they had even read the homepage blog topics they would know this site isn’t about real estate.

Cooling Strategies for Rack Mounted Cloud Servers

This is the topic I would like them to cover, right up there with fragistats and muffler bearings.  Oh and let’s not forget radiator caps for 67 VW Beatles.


  1. That is either pure genius or pure stupidity. Never underestimate the power of truly innovative marketing gurus who sometimes create a very uniqe offering. This I feel however falls on the side of stupidity although does leave everyone who reads with a very valuble lesson and even better quote that will no doubt be repeated time and time again and given as examples of innefective marketing for years to come;

    “In Exchange for Free”

  2. Dave, we get these emails all the time, and I’ve yet to realize that “the article wouldn’t be free if we linked back to their client’s website.” For the first time, I’ll be eagerly awaiting an email similar to the above, so I can let them know the issue with their “free” article!

  3. I’ve had that exact email a few weeks ago. After research it was a law firm in CA that pumps out obama ads.

    I use the Dave Smit “canned Response” in gmail for these. They all get the same response.

  4. I get the same emails as well. Some people must do it, because they continue to send out the e-mails. It reminds me of the Craigslist spammers… I have a truck for sale on craiglist and get 10 e-mails a day ” I’d like to buy your item on craigslist… I’ll send you a check for over the amount of the item… give the rest to the mover.”

  5. I too have received this email numerous times. Typical spam 😉