Improve your Odds of Ranking High with Mobile Press Plugin

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Mobile Browsing The Web

I mentioned yesterday you could improve your rankings by using the mobile press plugin.   Here is how it works for now and should improve over the coming months and years as mobile browsing comes into its own.

At the bottom of the search page on the Opera mini browser is a set of options.   See the one selected called “Mobile Web”   and you can see my search phrase for “Tucson real estate” below it.


I do not doubt more mobile browsers are going to be optimized to take advantage of isolating sites for the “Mobile Web” that are set up for mobile devices.

I think one of terms we will hear more about in 2009 is “The Mobile Web”.


  1. Dave,

    Thanks for both great posts on MobilePress. What an awesome plug-in. I tried loading my site on an LG Dare with and without the plug-in activated, and the difference was amazing.

    It’s one of the easiest plug-ins that I have ever installed, and the benefits are huge.

    Keep those great tips coming!


  2. Chuck,

    You are welcome. On my wish list for Mobile Press plugin is for someone to start designing some themes to go with the plugin itself.

    I should have mentioned this as a great test of the plugin, I did the same thing you did, with and without the plugin and I was blown away by the speed increase and ease of navigation with this plugin installed.

  3. Hey Dave,

    I had one of my clients test it out with an iPhone, and he liked the loading speed, but he said it doesn’t let you post a comment from the iPhone. Ditto with the Google Android — I can post a comment fine with an LG Dare. Have you run into this?



  4. Martin Bouma says

    Interesting that only sites optimized as mobile are returned in the results-that is good to know!

  5. Thanks for the feedback on the plugin-it would be nice though if you could comment from your mobile device. Perhaps the next version will allow it; I am sure it is coming soon!

  6. I’m using the mobile version to leave this comment.

    I’m using a blackberry curve to respond. I did have to use the leave a first comment to get to this box.

    That might be because I’m logged in as the admin at this point.

    I don’t have access to an iPhone. I do know there is an iPhone theme option which looks identical to the regular theme on the bb.

  7. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for dropping by my site. I’m glad you were able to comment via the mobile site. For whatever the reason, I’m not able to comment on yours, nor are my readers aren’t able to post comments on mine.

    I’ll post it as a bug and see what comes of it. Not the end of the world…I still think it’s a great plug-in.


  8. Do you know of any good stats on how many web surfers are using mobile devices? I figure the number is going to go up but I cannt figure out what the current percent is.

  9. Ki,

    I don’t know of any metric for measuring mobile visitors.

    I JUST CHANGED FROM THE IPHONE THEME TO THE DEFAULT THEME. If you have tried to leave a comment before try it again. This might be the difference.