I’m calling about your ad in the paper

barbara lasky photoOn weekends when we are planning on holding an open house, yeah, we still hold them live as well as virtual on the net.

Anyway, as I was saying, on those weekends we will often run an ad in the paper complete with a photo of the property and details of the property and open house dates and time.

Down in the bottom right hand corner of the ad there is a cameo shot of the listing agent. We use visual branding here in Tucson a lot.

Last Saturday afternoon Barbara had a call come in when she couldn’t take it and it went to voice mail. When we were free she checked her message and the message was from a lady that saw Barbara’s open house ad in the paper and wanted her to get back to her, but since she wasn’t answering her phone she would appreciate a call, but wouldn’t be available until late Saturday night.

Barbara returned her call and left a voice message.
Sunday, Barbara returned her call and left a voice message.
Monday, Barbara returned her call and left a voice message.
Tuesday morning the lady called Barbara and said she appreciated very much Barbara talking the time to return her call.

Her urgent need on Saturday about the ad. . . . .

She really liked the way Barbara’s hair looked in the paper and wondered where she got her hair done for that picture.

I sure like running ads in the paper and holding open houses.

Who said real estate is dull.


  1. It really should be easier 😉