I Survived A Bubble Blog Attack Badge

bubble blog survival badgebubble blog survival badge1bubble blog survival badge2Over the past few days we had one of our posts about Tucson Housing Bust come under attack by a couple of Bubble Blogs.   It is our first, and we survived.  

Being attacked by a bubble blog seems to be a rite of passage for an RE blog.  We thought it might be appropriate to offer a badge to anyone that wants to put it on a particular post or series of posts that have come under attack.

I have created it in several sizes. Pick whatever fits the theme and style of your particular blog.   Please feel free to copy and use any of these images on your blog.



  1. That is so funny, I wouldn’t take one though…or they might come back!! I shot at least one in the leg 🙂

  2. Oh no,

    You shot one in the leg. They might limp back anyway. Funny thing, once I put the badge on that Tucson Housing Bust post the traffic slowed significantly. I think they thought it was funny as well.

  3. James Wheelock says

    I think the badge idea is hilarious. When I finally recieve my attack I will be expecting to recieve my badge.