Hyper Local Target Marketing with Images

If you don’t take picture and aren’t interested in Photography keep reading. The principle I’m going to talk about has a wider application than just photography. However, if you have or want to start a Hyper Local Real Estate Blog I would recommend you get a camera and start taking pictures of what is going on in your community.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words and Juice

What have we learned so far, the subtitle h3 tag above is a clique. It makes a terrible title because you can’t rank for it on the search engines. Hyper Local Target Marketing with Images does what I want it to do. If you search on the phrase Hyper Local Target Marketing you will see most of the posts in this series returned in the Google search results.

Photos can be an intricate part of Hyper Local Target Marketing

Flickr photos

Teresa Boardman wrote a very good post at Agent genius on Web 2.0 The Land of Opportunity There was a long running discussion on social networks and Teresa said ” Flickr is a social network built around photos, instead of real estate.” It is true and I would recommend you reading her post.

Anyone can get a flickr acount ((well, almost anyone)

  • You upload your photos to your account to share with others.
  • You put
    • titles on those photos
    • and tags
    • and a description (In which you can place a link) about the photo.
  • You can build a network of friends who will leave comments on your photos and get to know you better.

You will also get your photo’s title and tags indexed so they will appear in search engine results.

If you set up a Flickr account pay the $25 bucks and get a Pro account. It is cheap and you won’t be restricted on the number of images per month and they display in whatever resolution you upload them.

It takes a little time to enter the title, tags and descriptions, but remember this is all part of your multi pronged approach to Hyper Local Target Marketing for your Real Estate blog.

Tucson Photo Blog

I recently started the Tucson Photo Blog Visual Tucson Tucson Arizona Moments in Time. A few minutes ago I uploaded a new image titled “Tucson poppies and blue bells” It is already indexed and being found.

Bonus Gem: I did a blog post on the location where this image was taken in Oro Valley, Arizona. In the description on the post of the image I put a link to the blog post about the spring wildflowers in Oro Valley.

When I set up the photo blog there were a series of links on the default about page. One of those links was to JPGmag.com.


Jpgmag.com is another Photo social network. However, it is not like Flickr. It is free, but there are restrictions on the images you upload to your account. They have to be high resolution 300 dpi. They have to be at least 2200 px in one direction. They are not to be retouched (ie Photoshopped). You can take out dust spots but no major tweaking. There are more restrictions. What they want are your best images, high quality, submitted to themes and if chosen for publication your image will appear in a copy of JPG Magazine. (WARNING) There is some nudity submitted to this site. I’ve seen very little but it is present at times if you are browsing the photos section.

I have a couple of images submitted to themes and one of them you may have noticed in the right hand navigation. Someday I might have one of my images published.

I browse images under the Photos to see what other people are submitting and when I find an interesting image I click on it to see the photographer and view more of their work. Sometimes it is just a fluke that have a good image : ) and other times it is one of many. Those are the people I add as contacts.

Amanda Means

Amanda is one of those with a lot of very good images. She has a real sense of composition and color and when I read the blurb about herself I was/am impressed.

“I am just taking pictures like everyone else. I shoot with a Kodak Easyshare Z712 IS. Nothing fancy. I do not own photoshop or any other photo editing software. What you see is what I saw”

Amanda’s images and her title tags became the subject of one of my Lab experiments. (But she is not a lab rat). I started taking my principles of Title Tags and doing searches on Google for some of her titles. Some of her images have no titles, some are descriptive but short “Wire” “Barb”, you get the idea. There are some with titles containing “Texas Pan Handle” which is descriptive and geographic but there is some heavy competition for that phrase. However, here are some examples of Amanda Titles showing up on Page 1 of a Google search.

I don’t think Amanda even realized some of her images were coming up in google searches till I mentioned it to her in message. Amanda has some great images. I know she just had one selected for a theme which will someday be published in JPG Magazine. Thank you Amanda for sharing your images with us here at the Lab.

The point: she is getting placement for search terms based on title tags in images without even trying.

I am targeting my Title Tags on my JPG images in my account. I also have a link to one of my blogs on my account home page. JPGMAG.com has some real juice on Google. When I run a site:www.jpgmag.com I return 733,000 pages indexed. This is some series juice.

Why This Post Almost Wasn’t Written

I debated hard about not even writing this post. First, this is not a gimmick, it is not some kind of SEO magic to get back-links and higher PR for your posts or blog. I like JPGMAG.com very much and I don’t want to see it flooded with poor quality images in an attempt to take shortcuts in SEO. If you don’t take photos and aren’t interested in Photography use the principles here to be applied to another form of social networking.

The Photo Gem

This isn’t a bonus gem. This is the whole mine. For those like me that don’t grasp what I’ve outlined I’ll put it in a short easy to understand process and formula. (This is what I need all the time because most of the time I don’t get it)

  1. Take some good photos for a blog post
  2. Write the blog post and include the images (reduce the images in the post and use the lightbox js plugin to display a larger version)
  3. Submit the image to JPG, Flickr or both
  4. Put a specific Title Tag on the image
  5. Link back to your post for more information in the description (flickr) or link (JPGMAG)

Your Post now has one or two links coming back to it from either flickr or JPG. If your image ranks higher than the post in the search engines (don’t make the title of the image the same as the post, make it a variation) and they click on it the first thing they will see is the “For more information . . . and the link to the blog post.

Tucson Poppies

Tucson Poppies was an image on the Title Tags post which is a part of this total Hyper Local Target Marketing experiment. Here is the Google Search for Tucson Poppies As of right now I have 5 of the 10 positions returned. The post I wrote earlier on Title Tags with the poppies picture and the photo tags (and photo name) Tucson poppies. Is already indexed. I have a result from JPGMAG.com from the Tucson Photo Blog and from the Tucson AZ Real Estate blog.

Remember my final question on the Title Tags post about why the picture of poppies? The title tag on the image is Tucson Poppies. As I write this that post is returning #1 for the Google search in the paragraph above.

JPGmag.com Images in Google Index

It doesn’t happen 100% of the time, remember this is Google we are talking about. But 90% of the time when I submit an image to JPGmag.com it will be indexed in less than a minute in Google depending on the Title tag.

Do you find it ironic there are no images in a post about images?

This is the last post in the series on Hyper Local Target Marketing. If you read these post again as a series they will provide a good foundation and guideline for how to market your Hyper Local Blog.

Thank you again Amanda. Please take time to view her images of life around the Texas panhandle. Amanda is producing some very fine images. She is also now working on targeting her Title Tags : )

That’s a wrap. I hope everyone reading this series has found at least one tool to put in their hyper local blogging bag.


  1. /slaps forehead for not thinking of the Flickr thing

  2. Oh David, thank you so much for the plug!! I appreciate all that you have done for me and your help to get my pictures out there. It is an honor!!

    Thanks again,
    Amanda Means



  3. Amanda,

    You are very welcome. Glad you liked the post.

  4. I added a few photo albums with decent image descriptions to my Austin real estate website a year or so ago and now find a good number ranking for key terms on googleimages. I hadn’t thought of using a photo sharing site for that, but maybe I will now.

  5. I’ve been snapping lots of neighborhood shots lately… I’ll have to try this out.

  6. Milan,

    Posts about neighborhoods can be a very effective way of getting search results from anyone searching on that neighborhood or subdivision.

  7. I have seen the city daily photo blogs before, and I have considered starting one. I like photography, and I admit I did not think about how it could help me in more ways.

  8. Pictures certainly are a great way to add to your local content. You are a master at this Dave. Your photos are always outstanding.

  9. Bill,

    Thanks, I hope you do enjoy the images. It is why I take them.

  10. I don’t know how long I’ll use it but I found a great plugin that can create virtual tours from panoramas that I have started incorporating. We have a beautiful new amphitheater going in and I went up and took about 20 photos, stiched them together and created a 360 degree view of the progress which is set to be completed in a couple of months. works just like a virtual tour inside your blog post. Just one more way to add a twist to a local photo. You need 2 things: iimage panorama plugin and free software from autostitch.net to combine the photos. Works pretty well.

  11. Dave,
    Thanks -this is one area of many on my to-do list for my new blog – exploring the photo sites. I am bookmarking the post, as a reminder:)


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