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Title Tags The Engine Under The Hood

tucson poppiesThese little babies are the Turbo Charged Engines that makes the wheels go round and it is unfortunate they are also the Rodney Dangerfield’s of the Internet. I say the internet and not just blogging because they are the Super Nova’s which speed your content to the top, or the red dwarfs which go nowhere at all and are often never found.

It is a real shame that bloggers spend so much time creating thoughtful and well written posts only to have their material thrown on the garbage heap of “Over used keyword”, “Over used cliques”, “Over used phrases” and Titles that are not descriptive of the post.

Target Specific vs. Flock Shooting

You want to focus your post as well as your title tags to your target audience. I might have good advice or a resource for buyers, or sellers, or people looking for information on a mortgage. But I’m not interested in attracting the attention of “Buyers” or “Sellers” I’m interested in attracting the attention of people who might be potential “Tucson Home Buyers” or “Tucson Home Sellers”. This is my target audience. Title for the target.

I can write a post about low flow toilets and what can happen if they are put on a 50 year old cast iron sewer system. A title of “Low Flow not the way to go” is catchy but it is flock shooting. “Tucson Lets Talk Toilets” is Targeting.

Bonus Gem: If you really, really, like your catchy title, use it as a sub-title using an h3 tag at the top of the post. I did that on this post. I had the “the engine under the hood” in the original title tag for this post but it diluted the title (Titles that are two long can hurt ranking) so I put it as an h3 tag inside the post. It helps temper my lame sense of humor and keep my title tags targeted.

Spammy or Specific, there is a Difference

Not all blogging advise applies to all blogs or bloggers. For a Hyper Local Real Estate Blog what might be considered a spammy title by a national or industry focused blog will be targeting for a hyper local blog. If you are writing about something that contains information which applies to a certain group or a specific area then don’t be afraid to identify it in the title. Am I saying the same thing I just said above? YES!

Bonus Gem: Being specific is especially important if there is competition for the words in the title. There is a town outside of Tucson named Vail. But there is this little town in Colorado by the same name.

Gem in a Gem: I sometimes do a google search for a specific term to see if the title I have chosen will rank high or should I change it by adding a descriptive word or by chosing a different title.

Using Geographic terms in the Title

Tucson, Oro Valley, Canada Ridge, are all local geographic terms. In an earlier post in this series I mentioned the results we were getting for the Accenture Match Play. I could have set the title for these post to be just the tournament name, but then I’m competing with all national media on that search term. To distinguish and get my content to the public I expanded the title tag “Tucson Accenture Match play” Or “Tucson Accenture Match play 2008”.

Bonus Gem: If I’m writing about an annual event I will put the date in the title for the event coming up. This helps distinguish it from posts in earlier years and shows continuity in covering the local event. When someone searches on the “Tucson Firefighters Chili Cookoff” It is great to have results come back on two of your posts with different years in the titles.

Using local terminology to describe the content of the post

Drip system, xeriscaping, water harvesting, Old Pueblo, Snowbirds, Sabino Canyon Trail, are all terms associated in one way or another with life in Tucson and living in the desert.

Bonus Gem: When talking about a specific product or service put it in an h3 tag or a post tag. You will be amazed how often you will get a hit from someone looking for that particular item. For example: A post on Hot water recirculating systems I put a tag for Autocirc Undersink Instant Hot Water Circulating System and Watt hot water system in the post I explained where each could be purchased.

Title Tags and the Google Index

If nothing I’ve said so far gets your attention this one should. I’ve been doing some research on Title tags and the effect they have on post/pages being indexed. I’ve done this not only for my own posts but for others as well. I select pages I know have been around for at least three months.

The observation:

  • When the Title Tags are specific they stay in the index.
  • When they are generic they often fall out of the index in a few days or weeks.
  • The posts with specific title tags tend to be the ones with higher PR.

There is more to say on title tags and how they get you quickly to the top of a Google search.

I’ve found a way to get to Page 1 and often with a search result #1 in a Google search in less than a minute.

This is not black hat or any kind of trickery. I’ll explain how to do it in the next post which ties together the concepts of creating your own back-links and creating good title tags.

Final Thought. Have a target and a reason for everything you put in a post. Pull together all the elements and you will have a great Hyper Local Real Estate Blog.

Having said that: What is the reason for the picture of poppies in this post : )


  1. Drexel Hill, Pa Real Estate says

    So you think your poppie photo is a good idea huh! You’ll love what you can do when you alter the alternate attribute on a smiley. BTW, all your categories could have keywords in them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. LOL, All my categories are keywords.

    I make sure all the RE blogs have keywords as part of the categories and I make sure the permalink structure is set to take advantage of them.

    As to Tucson poppies, I wanted a term easy to demonstrate and wouldn’t rain on anyone’s parade. But the earlier example of accenture match play involved photos to bring those posts to the top of a highly competitive phrase during the golf tournament.

  3. Drexel Hill, Pa Real Estate says

    Sorry Dave, I meant your category headings. You can see what I did on my site.

    Really enjoy your wisdom, keep it up. I’ve become a daily reader.

  4. Dave, thanks for this post on a true hyper local real estate blog, been using h2 and some h3, it does make a difference. Great advice! Also, thanks for the outside.in info.

  5. Terry,

    You are very welcome. I’m glad you are enjoying this series. I’m writing one at the moment and putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to this post.

    If your theme is assigning h2 tags to your title you should probably be using mostly h3 tags. There should be only one h2 tag per post.

    I know all my themes set the post title as the h2 tag for the page.

    For those reading this and don’t know how to check. Bring up a single post on your blog. Right click and view page source in FF or view source in IE and see if the title of the post has h2 tags around the title.

  6. Dave, you smart man you…my planohomesandland site is a regular site with a blog in it, so really not a theme blog – I’ll check the title post header – thanks again for the tid bit.

  7. Terry,

    As always you are very welcome.

    My Tucson Real Estate in the News is also a blog tied to our website. The other three sites are stand alone blogs. But that includes the Lab so should say other two sites.

  8. Great post. Thank you for sharing รขโ‚ฌโ€œ I can always count on this blog to teach me something new.

  9. Ben,

    Thanks I’ve got a couple more coming in this series. All I need now is time to finish them. The Real Estate business keeps getting in the way.

    If this is a down market we will drown in a normal one.


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