Hyper Local Target Marketing Local and National Events

Tucson Spring Flowers 2008What is going on in your neck of the woods. Are you writing about these events? If you aren’t you should certainly consider it. I know they are covered on television and in local color articles in the newspaper, but you would be surprised how many people these days do a quick Google search to find out about local events, cost, times, dates, etc. So why not be the one to provide the information.

Most of the time it turns out to be a service to the community you serve. Other times it becomes an introduction to you and the service you offer.

Timing is important

If you know your posts are getting indexed in a relatively short period of time (minutes and hours not days) then post about 4 days before the event. If it is taking longer then post earlier according to when your posts are being indexed. If I have a weekend event coming up I write the post, take some pictures if there is setup involved ahead of time or a subject that is relative to the event and then post on Wednesday.

Post too late and your information will be available after the event is over (not what you are wanting). Post too early and newer information could push you down the page or worse off the first page entirely.

Your Local Sources

  1. Read the paper and the smaller area papers and the neighborhood inserts every week to see what is going to be happening in the weeks ahead.
  2. If you have a local magazine that publishes a calendar of events for the upcoming year. Set those events you want to cover aside and if you are really organized go ahead and start the post with the Title and a holding paragraph.
  3. Read those free publications laying around the grocery store. I get a “Living Life after 50 and loving it” magazine at a local McDonalds. (Barbara laughs when I take it) Lots of local events for that vertical market are covered in those publications.
  4. I’m not interested in sports. I don’t watch any sports and I don’t follow any sports. You will never find a local sports post on any of my blogs. For me it is just boring. (The accenture match play is an event, Tiger Woods is a national figure) LOL But you might be interested in sports and writing about local sporting events is another venue and topic.

There is every possibility there are no national events in your area. I’m sure there are local events to write about, provide information and bring fresh eyes to your blog.

Bonus Gem: Do you have any local non-profit social services or events. Write about them.

If you have the “What would Seth Godin Do” plugin you might get someone to subscribe to your blog. Because they like what they see and will come back when they have time.

Finally, this isn’t the most exciting post in this series. It isn’t the post I intended to be next after Title Tags. I hope you will see how community events being covered (even though they are not directly real estate related) is a great way to bring local readers to your blog. And please, please, please, DO NOT PUT “FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS” at the end of these posts.


  1. Dave – this “trick” can work remarkably well. I posted a summary of places to watch July 4th fireworks once, about 3 days before July 4 (I get usually get indexed within minutes). That July 3 and 4 I had some of my highest traffic ever. And that’s *all* “local” traffic. Most interestingly, while the traffic dropped back down on July 5, it was higher than before then, and stayed that way. Tells me some that stopped by for info on July 4 came back, and subscribed.

    The same thing has happened when I’ve posted about local news stories.

    I posted about this year’s Superbowl and was *bombarded* with traffic from people making “Superbowl time” related searches. This was of course not all local traffic, but I definitely gained new readers and subscribers from that as well.

  2. Jay,

    Thanks for the confirmation. I notice the same thing with the number of hits and traffic staying higher after each event that generates additional traffic.

    What you have described is exactly what I’m talking about in this post. I’m a little puzzled at how many have NOT taken advantage of this kind of post in their local markets.

  3. Is it desirable/helpful to link an event or news item to real estate? Seems to me that if you have a post on your site, maybe you can use it to talk about real estate in some capacity to prevent the blog overall from wandering too much. For example, if your town is having a race, you can talk about the finish line and how homes in the area are hot right now. This sort of “re-slanting” as writers call it might be useful – I notice may online news sources stating pretty clearly that their news items cannot be “re-written.” Even though ideas cannot be copyrighted, I wonder if using one of these sources as a basis for a post might get you in trouble?

  4. Ben,

    First, what you have outlines is classic Web 1.0. Readers are sick of tying everything to an RE twist, it is a great way to get people to write you off or unsubscribe.

    Your target market are people interested in the events of the community you serve. Providing them valuable information is a great service but the second you start trying to “SELL” them with the “re-slanting” You’ve lost them, possibly forever.

    Second, Where did you get the idea about re-writing on line news sources. I don’t say that anywhere in this post. I say publish the times of events and dates. But never copy or simply re-write a published work.

    Reading sources to find out what is going on is not saying start copying things out of those sources you want on your blog.

    In my example, everything I write about the Accenture, Firefighter chili suppers, etc. I write from memory or my own take on the event.

    Ben thanks for the opportunity to clarify about content. Any Blogger but especially an RE blogger needs to write their own content.

  5. Sam Chapman says

    I have a “Coming Events” box that can be visible or invisible at the bottom of my home page. I use it to promote events like Relay For Life, which I am involved in. It is a public service and I get calls that result in my giving people details of the event and getting them involved. If they remember me later, wonderful. If not, I do it for the community. Everyone wins.

  6. Sam,

    Thats both a good idea and a great attitude.