Hyper Local Target Marketing Driving Traffic or Herding It

I’m reminded of the story of the Pilot of an airliner coming back to talk to the passengers on a flight when one of the passengers asked “How are we doing?”

The pilot responded: “Well I’ve got some good new & some bad news (don’t you love these kinds of stories) We have a tail wind and we are making incredible time, the bad news, we are lost.”

Driving Traffic or Herding Traffic

This should be a no brainer for you but sometimes the thrill and desire for traffic is like the all consuming passion Edmond had for “Turkish Delight“. When this happens traffic stops being a means to an end and becomes the end itself. So much so we can loose our focus and relevance to the audience we are targeting.

We can fall under this spell by taking advice like “Create a controversy, it will create traffic” Or we are advised to use words like:

Traffic image

Yes these things will drive traffic to your site. But what kind of traffic are you after?

Don’t forget we are talking about Hyper Local Target Marketing to those who are surfing and searching the Internet. Not so much the surfers, though we will take them, it is the searchers we are targeting specifically.

Traffic Addiction Deprogramming

What is your market? WHAT is your MARKET? WHAT IS YOUR MARKET? Yes, I’m shouting at you to break the spell or Traffic Addiction.

You can not target your market if you have not defined your market.
You can not target your market if you have not defined your market.
You can not target your market if you have not defined your market.

For a Hyper Local Real Estate blog it is “The Buyers of Real Estate in (Your Town goes here) and the Sellers of Real Estate in (Your Town goes here again).”

We had to take that focused break before moving on.

Driving Traffic means we get lots of unfocused traffic, Remember flock shooting

Do you really think hyperactive hormonally driven teenage boys are interested in buying real estate from you? Or anyone else that is going to be coming to your site because of such traffic driven words being used in your post and on your site.

Driving Traffic

Herding Traffic

Herding Traffic is not like pushing string. Herding traffic is create a traffic net that only catches the surfers you are after.

We already discussed this in Creating Title Tags, Creating Back-links, and Targeting Local and National Events.

If you are doing the kind of target marketing we have been talking about in this series of posts you won’t have to stoop to Driving Traffic and then trying to sort it out. Worse yet wasting your time dealing with issues and people that might be increasing your traffic but not producing any positive results for you our your business.

What kind of traffic do you think I’ll get from this post? ย  Are you sure?


  1. All the time, I have Loan officers ask me how much traffic they need to be successful. I tell them if ten real estate agents read your blog everyday, that might be all the traffic you’ll ever need.

  2. Todd,

    So true, it is all in the right metric.

  3. Good point Dave. People in business often ask for quantity where quality is needed. On the other hand, quantity can’t maky any harm, if your web is good! We attract people to our web by “side tools” like Toronto parking and if they really find what are they looking for (and they wouldn’t find it if you use Paris Hilton $$x tape keyword ๐Ÿ™‚ ), you have good point for your web.

  4. While I agree that sensationalism to drive trafiic is proabaly useless to a local business blog, perhaps drawing a wider audience by providing richer, diverse content might be helpful in the long run — for me, in real estate, everyone is a potential customer.

    Maybe the key is to keep it focused to the very periphery of what is locally useful.

  5. Mike,

    I too believe in diversified content. I write on a variety of subjects on all the blogs. I do not need to include sensationalism in any of those posts to draw traffic.

    For example a post on hot water recirculating systems and where to purchase them continues to draw a steady flow of traffic.

    Targeting local traffic isn’t limited to geography or events. Products, services, information are all things a local blog can provide which draws a wide audience without having to sift through a lot of spam you don’t need or want.

  6. So true, you don’t need a lot of traffic to do business, as long as it’s the right kind of client. I wrote an article on wood shake roofs last year and still get traffic from it. There are still many homes with these roofs in Plano and when buying one you need to know your options. Not an exciting topic but a good response from an online audience.

  7. Amen.

    Do we want as much traffic as possible? YES, but getting that at the expense of targeted traffic is wasted energy…

    It is all about finding those who are ready and able to transact. More importantly, many of us work in niches (as we should). It is about finding those who are ready to transact in those specific niches.



  8. Great tips Dave. More relevant focused traffic equals higher conversion rates.

    It is the whole Yahoo Vs Google approach. Yahoo wanted to be everything to everyone and Google wanted to be focused on search? Which would you rather be?

  9. Dan,

    I would always rather be Google : )

  10. Targeted traffic is key to making money today, but web surfers are still important as they might not be a client today but that doesn’t mean that won’t be a potential client in the future.

  11. We’ve been guilty of looking for traffic and becoming focused on the traffic, rather than the conversion. This hit home with us over at Squidoo. We have a few hundred lenses over there and we’ve learned to focus on traffic that will convert to a result (sale, lead, etc.) rather than the traffic itself. With the slow economy, and the naturally slow time to the year, we’ve been focusing on changing the way we do things on our real estate website. One quality bit of traffic is better than a 100 lookers.

    Colleen ยดs last blog post..Kennewick Homes For Sale | This One Rocks!