Hyper Local Blog Market Targeting

Target MarketingWhat a mouthful. I am a hyper local blogger at heart. It is the focus of my writing and the time I spend studying how to get these blogs in front of new readers and provide valuable information about my real estate market and the community in which I live and work.

The closest thing to a blog with a broader readership is this one. Targeted at the Real Estate blogging community, often dealing with WordPress and hosting your blog. Attempting to provide you with ideas and tools to get your content before the audience you intend to impact and hopefully impress. I’m going to write a series of short posts to try and help Hyper Local Bloggers target their marketing.

I know there are a lot of posts out there already on this topic. My intent is for these posts to add quality content and ideas to those already on the net. The things I’ll be sharing come from personal experience and experimentation.
The good thing, almost anyone can do the things we will talk about.

This post is to whet your appetite. As always anyone is welcome to add to the discussion and share ideas. Here are some of the things I’ll be covering in the next couple of weeks.

  • Local & National Events in your market
  • Target Specific vs. Flock shooting
  • It’s not all about traffic but sometimes it is (Driving Traffic or Herding It)
  • Long tails are great but when you can go for the short tail
  • Create your own quality back links (You Can Do That?)
  • A picture is worth a 1000 words and Juice too
    (jpg more than a photo format)

Bonus Gem:
I’ve applied several of these area into a single focused target for a national event taking place in my hyper local area. You can compete for high ranking keywords that are broader than your local area. These past two weeks I’ve applied many of the above to the WGC Accenture Match Play which is held just down the road about 10 minutes from where I live. Here are my Google search results for the week. Based on my hittail traffic it has increased about 100 % over the past two weeks.
Accenture Match Play Search Results

Are there any Local or National Events coming to your area. Target, Focus, Shoot to the top of the search engines.

Your posts are the projectiles, (better than arrows or bullets) aim at nothing, you will hit it, aim at the flock, you will miss it, aim at the target. . . . Hyper Local Blog Market Targeting bringing it into focus and having some fun while we are at it.


  1. I am a fan of both the long and short tail. When writing for the short tail you often hit upon longtail key word phrases anyways. I like doing some really hyper local posts. Lately I have been featuring local business.

  2. Great post and BHB Medal nomination. You are spot on with this (as usual). i do agree with Bill above that you can aim at both the long and short tail HOWEVER…the long tail provides SPECIFIC targets to shoot at. And specific targets are easier to hit profitably.

    Hope things are great for you in Tucson, my friend!


  3. Dave-
    I experienced the exact same thing. Every year, landlords in Minnesota need to send their tenants a “Certificate of Rent Paid” for their taxes (by January 31). Not really trying, I smashed a post into the top 3 on Google about this subject on January 1. For the next 45 days (not just January), I was seeing HUGE increases in traffic as my target audience (landlords and investors) came to my site.

    I was also happy that my bounce rate remained at around 65%. With this topic, can you speak to your bounce rate using the “accenture match play” keywords?

  4. Just wanted to say great post. Hyper local is the focus of a new project I am working on. Once I get past the setup phase I will email it to you. Will want your feedback.

  5. James Boyer says

    Nice post Dave, I am trying to keep to this approach with my new blog. The skin for it was just completed this weekend and I have started creating content for it. Hopping to get the same sort of results that you have been able to achieve with your blog.

  6. What tool are you using to look at your top search queries.

  7. Ki,

    LOL, my keyboard and Google. Most of the time I can see them in the hittail “Search Hits” tab for where the traffic is coming from.

    But the research is done with a watch and typing in keyword searches in Google and seeing when things come up.

    It used to be hours or days before things would appear in Google but with the advent of blog search Google things hit the index in a matter of seconds sometimes.

  8. You’ve given me some great ideas, I’m thinking of just searching for upcoming events that I may not be aware of and blogging about those. I never really of thought of that…thanks!


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