How to Setup a Twenty Ten Child Theme.

Quick and Easy Steps to Twenty Ten Child Theme

  1. Create a new Directory in the wp-content/themes/twentyten-child/
  2. FTP into your site and copy the style.css file and probably the footer.php file to a directory on your local Hard drive.
  3. You don’t have to do anything with the footer.php file.   (Except FTP it into the new twentyten-child directory
  4. Modify the header of the style.css   in the following way:Replace the commented section at the top of the file with the code snippet below YOU DON’T HAVE TO MODIFY THIS AT ALL unless you want to. It will work as it is.

    Theme Name:         Twenty Ten Child
    Theme URI:           http: //
    Description:       Child theme for the Twenty Ten theme
    Author:               our Name Goes Here
    Author URI:         http: //
    Template:             twentyten
    Version:               0.1.0

  5. This is from my sites so change the Author URI to blank or one of your own and save the file.
  6. FTP both the style.css and footer.php file into the twentyten-child directory
  7. Login go to Appearance/Themes   and select your Twenty Ten child theme.

You now have a child theme that won’t be overwritten every time there is an update to Twenty Ten or WP.

Header Image and Background Don’t Transfer from Twenty Ten

The header image and background image will need to be rest.   If you removed the header image for a theme without header image you will need to repeat the step mentioned in Twenty Ten Remove the Header Image.

That is all there is to it.   Now you can modify to your hearts content and never worry about your custom code being replaced during an update.

For more complete instruction check out the Child Theme codex

(It is possible to create a child theme without FTP but I’m not going to go into that procedure here.)


  1. Great post I was looking for this as we use Twenty Ten for our blog on our real estate portal. I have used BuddyPress child themes and assumed it was the same but this confirmed it.