Home Evaluation Sheets to Prevent Cerebral Jello

Tucson Listing SheetsI initially wrote this post for home buyers getting ready to move to Tucson. It’s not a real bells and whistles kind of tool but I think some of you might find a use for it with your buyers. Doug Trudeau at Tucson RE Blogs calls this process of all the listing getting mixed up in a buyer’s head Cerebral Jello. For Tucson I added it would be Stucco Flavor.

I purposely made the Home Evaluation Sheet generic so it could be adapted for any market.

I’m adding this post as an example of how any RE blogger can add something to their blog as a “take away” for the reader besides just good information. I’m sure if you think about it you can some up with similar ideas for useful forms to help buyers and sellers through the Real Estate Transaction Process.

There are so many homes to choose from and after looking at stacks of listing sheets and visiting 10 or 12 homes a day; they start to blend together and it is hard to remember what you saw or didn’t see and what you liked best of all the homes in the pile. The more you sort the more confused you can get. What do I want to see again, what do I want to eliminate. Top it all off you are scheduled to go to another bunch of homes tomorrow. It really can get confusing. Here is a little tool that might help.

Home Evaluation Sheet

Make a list of what you are looking for in a home. Divide the list into columns to make the process a little easier. What are the things you consider to be Must Have and what are the Wants. Here is an example:

Home Evaluation Sheet

How to use these sheets

  • Download the empty Evaluation Sheet
  • Make a list of Must Have
  • Make a list of Wants
  • Using Word or Wordpad fill in the form
  • Save and Print out one sheet for every house
  • Staple an Evaluation sheet to each listing sheet
  • Check mark each item on the list in the house
  • Total Must Haves and Wants
  • Add them together for Total Score
  • Check your notes and comments for additional thoughts
  • Eliminate all the sheets that get a low score
  • Assign numbers to those that remain #1, #2, etc.
  • Try and keep these to 4 or 5 top picks

Each day you add new homes to the list do the same thing. Add that days picks to the top picks and check your scores and again weed out the lowest ones. Keep just the top picks.

This will help keep the task of narrowing down your selection from becoming overwhelming.

There are two forms One a PDF which you can download and print out. This one you have to fill in by hand.

The other is a DOC file which you can open in Word or in Wordpad. All windows computers come with a copy of Wordpad in the Accessories directory.

Fill it out. Save it and print as many copies as you will need.

Blank Home Evaluation Sheet PDF

Blank Home Evaluation Sheet Doc

Add Photos to The Process

House NumberIf you are taking pictures of the homes you are visiting during the day; make it a habit to take the first picture of the homes address. At the end of the day you possibly will have more than 100 images. Taking a picture of the address makes it easier to associate pictures with listing sheets.

Use them as you want. It would be nice to know someone is actually using adapting or modifying them for their own buyers.


  1. This really is a good idea. (to self, SELF)-I promise to try and remember to use them.

  2. Scoot,

    The nice thing is you can always send them the link to this post so they can download the blank sheets and fill them out ahead of time.

  3. I really like the address picture. It’s easy to get confused after seeing 100’s of homes in a day, even for agents.

  4. Kathy,

    You see 100’s of homes in a day?

    What color is your cape and how fast do you fly?

    Do you carry the buyers or make them try and follow?

  5. Dave – As can be expected you simplified a process that can be mind boggling. Good job. Thanks for the mention.

  6. Doug,

    Thanks for the title, I would never have thought to call it Cerebral Jello, but upon hearing the term it is perfect.

  7. OK maybe it only FEELS like 100’s

  8. Kathy,

    Especially when the clients take 45 minutes at each home to say why they would never buy it.

    Darn, I was really hoping there was a cape.

  9. Oh, I have a cape but I only wear it to listing appointments. I need all the help I can get convincing sellers to price their home realistically

  10. This is a great idea and will help both the Realtors and buyers. Nothing worse than a buyer at the closing table feeling buyer’s remorse.

  11. @Kathy, ain’t that the truth, I pulled up some numbers the other day and in my area we are selling on average 20K higher, and waiting 23 days longer to sell. I thought prices were coming down?!!

  12. Now if I can actually implement the plan. Check list for our clients and espically for myself are of great benefit.

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  14. Very clever idea. I will pass this along to my agents here.