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magic 8 ball I don’t know how many RE Bloggers are using Hittail. I hope it is alot. I know some of you think you can track your traffic through your RSS reader results or your feedburner reader numbers. To me that is like asking the magic 8 ball if your traffic is up or down.I first started using Hittail when I had the one website and blog to track. When it got really interesting was when I started tracking a website and 5 blogs. I’m especially finding it useful as I get the new Tucson blog up and running. I know right from it’s first day how traffic is coming to the site.

Hittail Multiple Accounts

You have to set up a new account for each URL you want to track. But you want to always use the same email address for the contact information. Once this is done instead of logging into each account using their individual user names you enter your email address and password. When you login this way a drop down box appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen and you simply pick the account you want. The stats appear.

Hittail Search Hits

I try and look at the long tails, and the other stuff but I don’t seem to be interested in them. The Tab for me is Search Hits. I love going back and forth between the accounts and looking at the hits coming in. Being able to see where they came from what the search phrase was that brought them and clicking to reproduce the search, this is the kind of instant gratification I’m after.

Hittail Search Hits tells me exactly which blog posts are bring in traffic and which aren’t. I have one post written last fall that gets a lot of traffic even today. I know this is a topic of interest and a new post will be coming in a few days to update the information. Because of Hittail Search Hits I already know the title and the traffic it will produce.

I’ve written about Hittail before “Hittail a Peak Behind the Curtain” It shows in detail how Hittail can help you know where your traffic is coming from.

Even if you don’t think you need the premium account I will recommend you get it. There isn’t anything you can really do on the premium that you can’t do on the free account, Yes, you can generate a sitemap, but any decent blog is going to outgrow the page limitation in a couple of months. I recommend you get the premium account because it is worthy of your support. There is no tool for monitoring my blog sites better than Hittail.

If you don’t have a Hittail account get one.

If you use this tool you will soon be amazed at what you learn about your site.

I’ll do a follow-up in a few days showing what I’ve already learned about the experiment site Tucson AZ Real Estate.


  1. I love hittial. 🙂

  2. Thanks for that tip, Dave. I set up HitTail after you recommended it in Tempe.

    I check it when I’m bored to see would keywords are bring them into the site. I’m slowing getting a much better view of what brings in the visitors.

  3. John,

    It really helps me know what kind of posts people are interested in. I know from my search hits that if an event is hitting town in a week or so it is a good time to write about it. The traffic increases and those titles posted a week before the event tend to shoot to the top of the searches.

  4. Tremendously appreciative for the support, Dave. I just wanted to send you an update about registering multiple sites with HitTail.

    As of last Friday, once users register their first URL, they can head to the “My Sites” section of their “My Account” page and register 4 sites with ease. Hopefully this makes getting started with HitTail even simpler.

  5. Matt,

    I read that on the Hittail Blog. I think it will help. It was a little confusing figuring out how to get mutiple sites without having to log in and out of each one. Of course it was possible by using the same email, but this should clarify and make it easier especially for new users.

  6. I use hittail too. It’s definitely a great tool to use and I really like the keyword suggest tool.

  7. Hittail is awesome. I had not heard of the long tail and why it was important until a year or so ago. Now I get it.

  8. Dave,
    Great blog post. I have a new real estate website and recently got hittail setup. It’s funny, I wrote a quick page on local restaurant reviews in my area, and get a fair amount of hits on that page, and nothing really yet on the others. I haven’t even taken the time to proof the page. Kind of embarrasing really.
    Thanks for the info.

  9. Barry,

    What you describe is part of the RE Blogging experience of marketing without marketing. That post provided community information people are looking for. These are exactly the kinds of enduring posts that bring local traffic and eventually clients.

    I have a post on the location of the post office. And one on an organic store those two posts get a ton of traffic and we often get calls thinking they called the market. We always have that number handy.

  10. Barry – make the page inactive until you’re ready to expose it! I’ve let a couple slip through over the years that I didn’t think were active and then, boom, they show up in the search engines as the unfinished product.