Helping The Pinterest Adicts to Pin

Cotton Harvest Marana Arizona

Cotton Harvest Marana Arizona

There is always one major gateway to each social media site.  For Facebook it is getting “liked” for Twitter a “Re-tweet”  For Pinterest is it getting “Pinned”  The biggest difference with Pinterest,  Only images can be pinned, not content. So why not make it easier to pin your images?

Die-hard Pinterest Addicts

For the die-harder they typically have a browser extension on the browser that lets them quickly pin anything they find on a site.  But sometimes they aren’t in their regular browser, sometimes they aren’t even on their own computer.  So why not make it easier for them to pin.

Newbie Pinners

And those just getting started, well, they need all the help they can get, right.

So why not make it easier for them.  Enter the Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

Install this on your site, tell it your content area width in pixels and you will see a pin it button appear over all the images on your site.  (Well almost all of them)

Check it out.  Scroll over that image to the right.  See it?  click it, pin it.

Checking the links back to your site from Pinterest

Of course you want to know how many of those precious back-links you are getting from Pinterest pinners.  Here’s how to find out.

in your browser type  Ex.

That’s all there is to helping those that are helping you.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt if you have some great images (That You Took) on your site for visitors to pin.


  1. Thanks Dave – another good tip

  2. Pinterest does seem to be very popular in my real estate market. Lately I’ve been working to pin at least one photo from each of my blogs to my page as well. Any other blogs I should check out for pinterest?

  3. Bob,

    While I like making it easy to use pinterest on my sites, I personally haven’t figured out pinterest itself. Translated, I don’t get it.


  4. Great article. We are just getting into the extended social realms such as Pinterest. Unfortunately I can’t seem to figure out an easy way to link to our IDX provider. Has anyone had luck in this regard?

  5. Chrishena,

    What do you mean “link to our IDX provider”? Typically those are framed in or scripts and I’m not sure why you would want those images tied to pinterest. A real user of pinterest typically has this process built into their browser and they don’t even need us to provide the pin it capabilities.


  6. So I’m confused — I thought Pinterest was just for images? Can you pin text or content as well? I’ve gone through the “FAQ” and “HELP” over there and am still puzzled.

  7. Joey,

    Don’t be confused, READ THE POST! If you do, you will see that only “images” can be pinned and mousing over the image in the post will show you how it works.


  8. While one can’t pin content, you can pin pics from your blogs with backlink to the articles.I have been doing this.

  9. Ryan,

    True, but not the point of this post. This isn’t about pinning your own content (which in the early days of pinterest was against their TOS). It is about making it easier for others on your site to pin your content to their boards.