Header Image Rotator and WP Super Cache

Working out the Bugs

Working out the Bugs

I recently installed the WP Super Cache plugin on Tucson AZ Real Estate.   I’ve installed it here at the lab as well.   I hadn’t noticed any difference in how fast the blog loads, but I did notice something this morning.   I’m using the Header Image Rotator Plugin on that blog. The Header images which should be rotating every minute weren’t rotating.   It seemed as if whatever images was displaying the first time I opened a page or post became cached with that page.   Every time I now open a page/post it has the image associated with the first time I opened it.

If you want the image to rotate every minute, you will need to turn off WP Super Cache.   But if you like the idea that as readers navigate your site they will have different headers images appearing in less than a minutes time the way they function together becomes a bonus.   But it will always be the image first associated with the page/post when it was opened by them the first time during your cache cycle.

Even forcing an F5 refresh does not rotate the image.   The good news, it does eventually cycle to a new image, it depends on the expire time you have set for the cache.   The posts do seem to load quicker.

If you have been banging your head against a wall trying to figure out why your images aren’t rotating.   This could very well be the reason if you have both of these plugins activated on your blog.   Each is doing it job.

WP Super Cache and Theme Edits

One last thought, if you are making changes to your theme, it would be a good idea to turn off any cacheing while you are doing so.   It might keep you sane for a little while longer, or maybe not. : )


  1. I don’t use a rotator like that. I do use a random file in an image folder which will call up a random image from that folder and display it in the header each time a page is loaded. No javascript or extra load times required. Simple. Efficient. Clean.

    Though I have thought about becoming a prolific Flickr member and using a plugin to call up neat photos into the header that way… however that will increase the page size and load times.

  2. Will,

    You are right about flickr images, the other problem I have with displaying even Flickr images in the sidebar is the number of errors in the code which take your pages out of W3C compliance.

    I tested it here for awhile but took it off because of this coding issue. The more I use the rotating images but more I like it.

    I’ll have to take a look at your site. I like rotating images without extra load time or javascript.