Have You Tried Google Chrome

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Browser

I’m wondering how many of you have downloaded and tried using Google Chrome to write, edit and maintain your WordPress blog.

This is my first attempt to do so. I’m finding it to be an interesting experience to say the least.  It keeps wanting to put extra spaces between my paragraph breaks especially if I switch between HTML and Visual.

When I opened the editor to write a new post, I entered the title then down to the body of the post.  I wrote a word and when I backspaced over the word and one more backspace it took me to the Dashboard, not the top line of the editor.  I tried it several times and it repeated this action each time.  “Don’t do it”

I’ve also noticed this browser seems to learn.  One time it will not know what to do, but the next time it will do it even to the point of saying some URL’s are not available, but later it will open them.

I’ve also noticed that making options changes might require you to close the browser completely and re open to see the changes take effect.

The first time I tried to write a post in Chrome I clicked on the link button and it wouldn’t allow the pop up window to appear so I could enter the link.  However, later it worked fine.

It is stripped down,  No bells, no whistles, and even the Google things you might expect incorporated are not available like the Google Toolbar or Google Gears.  I’ve done a couple of saves and it seems a little faster than FF with Google Gears or Flock without Gears.

Preview a post can be a wild trip at times.  I’ll let you see what it does for yourself.  Maybe nothing, maybe . . .

I know I was going to watch Dirty Harry and call it a night, but I had 20 minutes to wait so thought I’d take Chrome for another quick spin around the blog.

Has anyone put this browser through the WordPress meatgrinder?  Or was that were weekend GEEK project?

Gotta Go time for the Dead Pool.


  1. I was gonna try it but it looks to simple for me, I prefer to stay loyal to Mozilla Firefox.
    by the way, I just read on the statcounter.com blog that the chrome browser now owns more than %1 of the market share (only after 2 days of their release) not gonna try it though


  2. Omar Upegui R. says

    I’ve been using Chrome since its launch last Tuesday. The only problem I’ve had, is that it sometime freezes when I open my Photobucket page. In order to get it going back again, I have to close the application.

    I haven’t encountered your problems with WordPress. I just finished making two posts at my blog, Lingua Franca, at WordPress and everything was fine. I just wish Chrome would have more features. It so stripped-down, that it hampers your blogging productivity.

    It’s blazing fast, but I prefer Flock and Firefox to be my favorite Web browsers.

    Great blog!


  3. I have tried Chrome and played around with it. I watched their official announcement on YouTube and they said one of the things that they were trying to get away with was having popup boxes unlike Firefox. That might be why some are having problems. I can’t wait until there are addons and plugins to use with Chrome.

  4. As normal I am waiting until some of the bugs get worked out. Microsoft isn’t the only company that has issues with it’s initial releases 😉 .

    Have had multiple people tell me “it’s fast, BUT”….there is always a but to the statement. Each “but” has been different and they all seem to be bugs that would annoy me.

    Google is fast so I’ll give them a few weeks and try Chrome.

  5. here’s an article I just read on tgdaily.com


    Apparently the chrome browser indexes all pages including pages from https websites, this means that by accessing you bank account via Google chrome you are leaving all you account information.
    My advice is that you stay away from this browser as it looks like Google has alot of issues to work on before it is 100% safe


  6. I haven’t tried it out either. I’ll wait until others get the kinks out before taking it for a test drive. Besides there are not, to my knowledge anyway, all the cool plugins that make FF so useful. My tiny brain can only take in so much at a time and its not ready for a new browser just yet:)

  7. Dave-
    I missed the part in the post saying why you are interested in using Chrome. What are you trying to fix or change?

    I like the new WP 2.6.x interface and have been very happy with it.

  8. Scott,

    The issues I’ve been having with the Lab caused your comment to be scrambled and then it wouldn’t delete.

    I’ve re-entered it, hence the late arrival on the post.

    The answer to why I’m using Chrome? LOL

    Scott, this is the lab, we try everything out in here. It seems it updates automatically, which might be a good thing in beta. It is fast, but not sure how I feel about it overall.

  9. I have not used google chrome before and I’m still not really sure now if that’s a good one to use or not. Do you think this one is the best or would you recommend using something different?

  10. Lorin,

    I personally prefer Flock. But the Browser of choice for most RE bloggers is Firefox.

    Flock saves me a lot of typing and even without Google Gears installed it works great and manages my blogs very well. (That is when they are manageable) When they aren’t it doesn’t matter what browser you use : )

  11. It seems faster to me but all of my precious plugins means that i can pretty much only use it for quick browsing. I like opening screen with the most visited sites also. And I can not believe they didnt include any of the freekin google toolbar buttons.

    The options available are also highly limited., Firefox has way more

    hopefully the next version will be better and i do think they may be an advantage to starting a new browser from the ground up with clean code