Harder to Sell Than Real Estate in a Down Economy

Want a WHAT?

Want a WHAT?

I opened my newspaper last Saturday morning and one of those annoying stickers was on the front page covering the headline I wanted to read. I usually peel them off and stick them under the table at McDonald’s. It is my intention to leave an archeological record of our culture and times. I figure only an archeologist would ever look under a table at McDonald’s.

But this sticker, the Saturday before Valentine’s Day caught my attention. I stuck it to my napkin and brought it home.

I had this imaginary conversation in my head on the way home.

“Hey, honey, the economy sucks and we have almost no income.   We have no idea what this year is going to look like financially, and we aren’t going to be going out much if at all.   So what do you think?   Want to have a baby?”

Since I’m well past those days my thoughts turned to the company marketing this whole idea in this economy.   Now this is a harder sell than real estate.

Yet they are out there marketing with annoying stickers on my Saturday Newspaper.     I went to their website and it had this adorable picture of an economic family black hole right on the top of the site.   Then I had to laugh at the way the site navigation was set up.

No you cant do this at home

No you can't do this at home

My first thought was, there is a Home kit for this?

It only took a mouse over to see they were two different links but it gave me a good chuckle and a couple visual images I won’t share.

I’ve been playing with this post in my head all week wondering where I should publish it.   It is more like something I would do at For No REal Reason.   And it doesn’t fit any category here, not even Serendipitous Marketing (though I’m sure there have been some serendipitous encounters resulting in a birth.

Today, icing was added to the cake.   The business news headline in our local paper had an article with this headline.

“Bad economy putting people in mood for condoms?”

“With a crippled economy forcing millions of cash-strapped Americans to entertain themselves at home, it’s not surprising that one particular product is seeing a sales increase. . .”

How does all this tie into real estate? It is nice to know there is someone having a harder sell than we are. Could we say:

“With a crippled economy forcing millions of cash-strapped Americans to entertain themselves at home, it’s not surprising that one particular product is seeing a sales increase – Condominiums”

No, I don’t think we can say that.

At least we can say we know one business (besides auto dealers) having a harder time selling than we are in this economy.   I have to give them credit for marketing, either genius or crazy.   I’m leaning toward the later.

Look at the positive side, with a bigger family some might be looking to buy a bigger house.   How’s that for a year later silver lining approach.

Now I wonder if there is enough stick em left to put the post it under the table at McDonald’s.   I’m sure there is cultural relevance for future archeologist in this one.


  1. This is very funny.

  2. Well, that is a strange thing to see given the economy lately…But really as our society becomes more government dependent having more kids than you can actually afford only makes sense. Free health care! Free food! Free housing! More money from the IRS in tax credits than you actually paid in taxes!

    Chelle ´s last blog post..Attracting Buyers for New Construction Homes for Sale

  3. That really is too funny Dave, but what is even funnier is the fact that you plaster the bottom of tables at Micky D’s with old stickers.

    Ryan Martin ´s last blog post..Real Estate Bellingham Washington

  4. (recently-turned) Dubai property investment lover says

    if u look @ the bigger picture, it only gets worse… i was on my usual news-hunting mood this morning & found out Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah are only foreseeing growth (yes, g-r-o-w-t-h) to their real estate market. It puzzles me deeply! Why don’t we see news like this back here? There’s only gloom gloom gloom gloomity gloomity gloom. I can’t stand it anymore.

    good 2 know there’s blogs like this making it all worthwhile 2 ridicule our ways so we can @ least (!) have a laugh. 🙂 damn, this is the best news I read 2day so far on our own land. yay!

  5. What these builders will not admit is that when you are in business, there are gambles, Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. They want a guaranteed win. That’s not how capitalism works. The town see a carrot, like that gym dangled, and go for it. It is nothing more than a bribe. The fact that builders say there will be few additional school requirements is a joke. For every market rate unit there are 1.6 children and for COAH unit 2.4 children added to the schools. This is not a guess, it is documented fact. The builders made a deal, they lost, let the bank repo te property and let’s move on..

    Michael McLaughlin, Cary real estate

  6. Michael, I approved this comment to prove there are people that drop in from other planets and solar systems and leave comments.

    Other than that I’m left to say “Huh?” does that mean this is a good idea and with more children in another year or too something good will happen, or are you suggesting people have kids they can’t afford have them repoed?

    Hope you have a great weekend, please get some rest.