Handling Link Removal Requests

We Paid to Manipulate the Search Rankings, Now we are going to BUG you to work for us for FREE

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of link removal requests with the same boilerplate content. They all start with something like this:

We have discovered that a company we hired to help promote our website WeSpammedYourSite.com have used a variety of questionable techniques to secure links to our website. These links were placed purely for SEO purposes, with the intention of manipulating search rankings.

Then follows a list of links of spammy comments that were left on the site with a “request” to remove the spammy comments left to “manipulate the search rankings” and they admit to paying for these comments to be left on their behalf.

If you don’t respond right away they bombard you with the same email over and over and over again till YOU take the time to respond to them that you have “On your own time” removed the spammy links they PAID to have left on your site.

My suggested Response

Send each of these link removal requests a polite paypal invoice stating that when they pay the $50.00 service fee for your time to hunt up and remove their spammy links from your site and then email them that you have done so to get the emails to stop, that then you will honor their “request” and remove their spammy links that they PAID to have left on your site removed.

You might consider removing the links by reporting them as SPAM to akismet (which is exactly what they are).

Report to Google

I’m very tempted to report these sites and their admission of attempts to manipulate the search rankings to Google.  After all they are admitting, they PAID to manipulate the search rankings.

What do you think?

As for me, I’m sending invoices.


  1. Amen, Amen, Amen! Dave, sorry I haven’t commented in forever and a day, but this post touched a nerve with me. We read most everything you write, btw. We have been getting the same link removal request (the ‘Dallas Realtor’ is the worst offender) and what really irritates me is the the auto-reply they send when I ignore the link removal request. Essentially, they are handling the link removal request in the same way they spammed us to begin with. We since placed them in our spam folder/rules and have not been bother by it, but the PayPal idea is classic.

    Hope all is going well with you Dave, -Joe (and Colleen) Lane 🙂

  2. Dave Smith says


    Great to hear from you. Nice to know someone still reads posts here. Hope you and Colleen are having a great summer.


  3. Haven’t seen this email yet. Interesting. I’ll keep my eyes open. Enjoy your summer!

  4. This is scary stuff. I am only just now getting into finding good back links for our site. The idea that we could get bombarded like this tells me to be careful in my research.
    Is there anything I can do in advance to keep from getting this spam?

  5. Never approve a comment from someone you don’t know.

    That’s the only way I can think to prevent it.