Growing Peas in a Day!

edible snow pea podsHave you ever tried to grow peas in a day? Did you know you can do it?

  • Layout the rows
  • Dig up the soil
  • Mix into the soil manure and potting soil (Home Depot has both)
  • make a row with the edge of a hoe
  • space the peas to be grown about 10 to 12 inches apart
  • Cover with about 1/2″ of soil
  • Water in with sprinkler

That’s not hard, and you are growing peas in a Day!

Now you need to

  • water them regularly
  • pull weeds
  • put up strings for them to climb as they grow

Oh, did you think you would be Harvesting Peas in a Day?

No that happens in about 90 day. Maybe a 100 pea pods a day depending on how many you planted, then as the season progresses you can expect up to 1000 pods a day. I forgot to mention I grow snow peas, I like them, I don’t have to shell them and throw away the pods. I used to take them into the office in baggies. Snow peas are expensive and people love it when you give them a bag of fresh snow peas.

Do you know what would happen to my peas if I decided they weren’t growing fast enough and started changing things in the garden?

  • Move the rows over a foot closer to the sunny side
  • Double the water
  • No they still aren’t growing, cut the water
  • Change the rows from N, S to E, W
  • Add more fertilizer
  • Change the string out they are climbing on to fishing line
  • cover them during the day to keep the sun from being too bright
  • cover them at night to keep the dew off
  • add pavers between the rows to make the garden pretty

If I did all these things or even some of these things do you think I would ever get to harvest any peas? Some changes might make the garden look better to the eye, but they won’t make the peas grow any faster. Some things take time to mature and bear fruit.

Stop ripping your blog apart.

  • Pick a good theme
  • Activate good plug-ins
  • Use productive functional widgets
  • Add content regularly
  • Weed out the Spam and Eye Candy

Now give it time to grow. It takes time to grow and be found and produce fruit.

You can’t be changing themes to make it pretty. Adding eye candy which slows down your load time. Weed out the Cute plugins and widgets which will supposedly bring you traffic and expect your blog to grow.

If something needs to be addressed or fixed do it. Too often I see bloggers either bored with the “Look” or going crazy over SEO and “Trying New Stuff” to improve their rankings. Harvesting Search Results and Rankings takes time.

Instead of spending your time on SEO gimmicks use that time to research, plan and write good quality content which is like watering your blog as it grows and the harvest starts to come in.

Everything I wrote about growing Snow Peas is true. The best time to plant them is between now and October 10. I don’t know who came up with this time frame, but it works. Of course you have to be in Tucson : ) I can’t imagine trying this in Minnesota!

Another reason for growing peas. You might find a black pearl.

Now I’m wondering if I should stop blogging about RE Blogging and start blogging about gardening. Growing Corn no there’s enough corn in the RE blogosphere as it is.


  1. Awesome post simply awesome.

    Also for what it’s worth, I got lazy with updating my blog, and just pumped out a few post types.

    Readership went up.

  2. Athol,

    Thanks, looks like you got the right kind of lazy.

  3. I don’t know if I have the patience or the time to grow peas. But seriously you are so right about being consistent, and it taking time.

  4. First of EXCELLENT points..I am a big Eagles fan…solid advice from their “Hell Freezes Over” album …”Learn to be still…”

    Every blogger should read that, not just RE bloggers IMO.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog, thanks to Jay Thompson. I haven’t dug too deep yet, but if you write about seo and snow peas, I’ll be all over this!

  6. Sam,

    Thanks for stopping by the lab. Thanks Jay.

    Here in Tucson the date usually set for planting is October 10. So prep of the garden now is perfect timing.

    You can learn a lot about SEO from gardening and growing snow peas.

  7. Well a lot of people are crazy and think they can plant plant and harvest peas in one day. They think they can put up a website and boom money comes in. It takes time to build a good blog or website with great content. It takes time to build an audience. Great Post .. This is an excellent blog I’ve been learning a lot.

  8. Sidney,

    Thanks. So true, the society of instant everything, just add water/money and the leads will come in.

    I’ve got another post on this topic growing in my fertile/bent mind at the moment.