Google Webmaster Tools Site Performance

I think Google changes the layout of Webmaster tools more than Costco changes where they are hiding stuff. Even more often than teen age girls change the theme on their Myspace or Facebook page. More often than a U-boat commander changed underwear. Oh, you get the idea.

Why even post about this

I’m posting about this because fueling the fire over Google using Page Load times for Organic placement is the addition of Labs and the Site Performance page.

Let me guess you have   terrible numbers and about 90 percent of all sites load faster than yours. DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT !

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What do you mean don’t worry about it? Take a look at the pages that are loading slow in this screen shot. Did you notice they are all coming from the blog admin page? Does your WP Admin page load slow? YES, of course it does.

Google Site Performance only measures those users who have the Google Toolbar with PageRank ACTIVATED in their data gathering.   Well guess who comes to the blog the most meeting those requirements?   YEP, YOU!

This is why the data gathered in the report above is WORTHLESS to you.   It is also why this is in Google Labs. It is where they experiment.

The bottom line.   Sure go look at it if you are curious but for crying out loud, (as mom used to say) don’t start tweaking your blog or pulling your hair out over this Google Lab page.   IT IS AN EXPERIMENT.

The very last thing they suggest is you get the Page Speed plugin for FireFox to do analysis of your Page Load Times.

Oh, yeah, get the Rolaids, Tums, and Rogaine for this one.   I’ll explain in the next post in this series.     Go buy a good Geeks Speak Dictionary and don’t loose any sleep over this stuff.   At least not yet 🙂