Google Wave Surfs Out

Had a message at the bottom of my browser that my Wave notifier had   “Cookies Blocked” Caught my interest (and eye, red does that).   I clicked on it and got the screen below.

Google Wave Surfs Out screen

Wow, we are all Dudes !

Is anyone using Google Wave anymore?

Has Buzz taken the limelight?

Are Those Feet waiting for Surf, or is Wave Dead on the Beach?

As I just hit publish the notice on my browser went away.   But I haven’t seen anything new in all the waves I follow in weeks.   So maybe the surf is still out.   Forever?


  1. Signed up for Google Wave, but never used it. So, if it ‘Surfed Out’ then I guess I didn’t miss much!
    .-= Joe´s last blog ..West Pasco Washington Homes For Sale =-.

  2. Looks like most of the action is still on Facebook and Twitter. Google Buzz got a good start but it was rushed in. It has fared better than Wave so far.

  3. Does anybody use Posterous?

  4. Don,

    I do, but don’t recommend it for your only online presence. It is kind of fun. But I almost never use it from a mobile device. I might with the next phone I get.

    I post to it from time to time but right from my gmail account where I can attach better quality images.

    It is easy, and I like the way you can modify a theme.

    Down side

    Most custom posterous themes don’t load well on a mobile browser. I don’t think they are all that SEO friendly, and I don’t like having my main content on a site that could suddenly disappear.


  5. Dave,
    A post from you about Posterous would be nice. I attended a webinar yesterday at Tomato University about Posterous and thought it might be useful as a tool to post content to other platforms.

    I would be interested in your take on Posterous as a supplement to a real estate online presence.
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  6. Well,

    Maybe it is time I did a post on Posterous. I’ve got enough content on there to make it a valid look see for SEO and talk about what I see as the advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation.

    Maybe tomorrow I’ll start that one.


  7. I was so excited about the wave probably because I couldn’t get an invite. I have not looked at it for a couple of months. Pretty much the same with buzz. There just are not enough hours in the day to play with all the pretty toys.

  8. I ‘m with Teresa. There are not enough hrs. in the day to explore all the social media platforms.
    I had one thought the other day though. — Hire a guy from Indonesia to do your social media stuff! I read that they cost about $300 bucks a month!

  9. Paul,

    I’ve seen quite a few agents doing that to manage the comments they are salting around the RE blogs. It get’s them thrown in the akismet spam filter and a reputation as a spammer. Probably better not to have an SM spammer on your team even if it is only $300 a month.


  10. Having someone post comments for you defeats the purpose of social networking. It wouldn’t be your message and would do more harm than good overall, including the reasons Dave mentions.