Google TiSP Going with the Flow Free Broadband

That’s right you heard it here first of April 2007 Google releases Free Google TiSP Broadband.   What an amazing application of modern commodel communication.

Google Tisp Free Broadband

What a fanastic idea.   I signed up for my kit just now.   I can hardly wait to get rid of this old cable modem wireless router technology.   I’m going all the way with the Royal Flush Service.Google TiSP FAQ  

Again here is the link to get started and sign up for your free kit:   Google TiSP Free Broadband   And don’t forget to read the FAQ


  1. I am signing up now too. What a relief.

  2. This might be a joke but there must be some thruth to it. Google’s recent purchase of “dark fiber’ has caused much speculation why they’d need the bandwidth. Many have already speculated that Google is getting into ISP business.

  3. G. Scott Stanglin says

    Is there a hard water setting?