Google Sitemap Generator Issues

Site Indexed Pages Heart Attack

Site Indexed Pages Heart Attack

A couple of month ago I upgraded the lab to WP 2.6.   You will remember I wasn’t to happy with what was going on at the time.   I’m still finding some issues but for the most part have learned to live with it.

I’ve also upgraded three other blogs to WP 2.6.1 in the past week.

Google Sitemap Generator

When I upgraded the lab I also upgraded the Google sitemap generator from 2.7.1 to the current version A couple of days later while checking my Google webmaster tools, specifically the sitemap, I stopped breathing when I saw out of 175 pages there were only 9 indexed.   It took less than the time of a speeding bullet to reach the end of a gun for me to run a quick site search and discover they were really all there.

I also started getting WARNING messages about pages not being able to be found, lots of them.   I’ve not done anything about it.   I probably should have, till now that is.

All the other blogs were reporting normal stats and no warning messages, TILL TODAY!   I upgraded on Monday and today they are all showing similar results ALL BUT ONE.   The one blog still reporting accurately I did not upgrade.   I’ve just set the other blogs back to the 2.7.1 version of Google Sitemap Generator.

I’m hoping in a few day the error and WARNING messages will go away and things will return to LOL “normal”.

Have you checked on your Google Sitemap lately?


  1. Didn’t you find out what the problem was ?? I tried looking it up in the plugin support page but I can’t find any similar issues except for this one
    which drops categories but it seems that is not the problem in your case.
    I suggest you post the problem in the wordpress support forum because i didn’t see any else having this issue.

    here’s the link


  2. Ismail,

    Thanks for the link to support. This really is the same issue. This version of the plugin has caused a lot of 404 and warnings. One person contributing to the discussion on the site state:

    I Found A Solution That Works For Me For This Problem Because It Is Happening On All Of My Domains.

    Under The Sitemap Content Options Deselect Every Option And Save The Settings Then Rebuild The Sitemap. Then Select The Options You Want Under Sitemap Content And Rebuild The Sitemap Again.

    The Automatic Build Will Work Fine After That.

    I’ve Tested This On 18 Sites That Were All Having This Problem And So Far It Has Worked For All Of Them.

    Hope This Helps

    I’ve gone back to the 2.7.1 version and it seems to be stable. With this users suggestion I’ll take one of my small blogs and upgrade and use the steps mentioned above.

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  4. Things like what you are talking about make me very concerned about having any of this kind or work done, and most definatly not doing it myself. Ouch, I would be very upset with myself if I did this, as I likely would not be able to fix it on my own.

  5. UPDATE: I did the steps that were in my last comment from a link provided by Ismail. IT DIDN’T WORK. The automatically generated sitemap left out the categories in the permalink structure causing lots of errors in the sitemap on Google.

    I hand generated the sitemap and it is fine. There has to be a bug in the automated generation routine. I’m going back to the previous version. The blogs I returned to that version have good sitemaps.