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Do you check your posts when you published?

I have a routine when I publish a new post. Especially now that I’m tracking the test site Tucson AZ Real Estate. The routine is as follows:

  • Publish the post
  • Ping (now using autopinger, it pings Google)
  • Wait 15 minutes
  • Go to and search the title tag
  • If not found search related keywords

Sometimes it even takes a day before it will show up for some reason, but usually it is there in 15 minutes or less.

Then I start checking for the title in regular Google searches. It usually takes a day or two for them to show up in the regular Google search index.

Last night I published a post on Tucson Condo Market – Summer 2007 I switched tabs on the browser to key in a search for Tucson Condo Market summer 2007. I forgot to go to blogsearch google. Instead I was searching regular Google less than 20 minutes after the post was published. IT WAS THERE! I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. While I was going on about this to Barbara she searched just Tucson Condo Market and said “It is here too for just Tucson Condo Market. She wasn’t as impressed as I.

This is the kind of post that is time related since the results of a Google search are constantly changing. Here is the Google search for Tucson Condo Market. I have an older post on the Tucson Real Estate in The News blog that ranks high but the result right now for what we are looking at is Tucson AZ Real Estate. It isn’t the actual post being indexed but the main page with the latest post content. Later the post itself will index with it’s own title.

Is anyone else seeing anything like this happening to your blog posts?

Is Google Taking Blog Pings and adding them to their index?

I am guessing here, but I wonder if Google is taking the ping from blogs which usually turn up on in minutes and quickly indexing those pings into their regular search results. Maybe it an experiment, maybe it was just lucky timing.

But what if it is the next wave. What if you can publish a post and have it found in Google search results in a matter of minutes not days? Can you see how this might influence your decisions about what to write and when. If you could say (Scoop) anyone in your market with information by posting on your blog and having it in Google right away?

This is my question. Is anyone seeing anything like this?

UPDATE: Less than 20 minutes after publishing this post, it was in the Regular Google Index. I know there are a lot of searches on Google Search Results but not with speeding nanite in the title. When it is unique like that I can find it faster.

UPDATE: UPDATE: The new post RE Photographers get The Digital Photography Book was indexed in blogsearch google in 6 minutes from publish. I also put a number of names in that post in bold. I searched those names and they also came up associated with this new post first.


  1. Great post. I check my posts sometimes, and I agree that it can take a little while for Google to pick it up. Other than that, I can’t really tell you a whole lot though. Sorry!

  2. Thats interesting, I probably add three to five pages to my site every week and it usually takes google a day or so to index them. It seems to me that Blogs are getting indexed faster then regualr websites.

    Interesting post!


  3. Those are amazing results. I never actually think to look for any posts that quickly. Still to much in website mode and expecting changes to show up in a couple of days. Will have to pay much more attention to how quickly my posts show up next time.

    One quick note…your link to is not going to the correct page. You might want to fix this.

  4. Ken,

    Good catch, Thanks, I hate it when links go running off after another site.

    Bad link, Bad link, now stay where you belong.

  5. This question is somewhat related. I took your advice and tried I had never used this before and so I played around with it.

    I have been spending countless hours working on my Real Estate Blog. I often stay up till 1am finishing posts. I have to admit that even after 3 months (and 50 posts), I am still learning all this world.

    I have had a couple great posts that really took off. One in particular “Landlords: Read your leases” has been on a Blog Carnival, featured on, and a couple agents asked if they could link to it in their newsletters.

    Any who….
    I was searching on ch to see how my post were hitting for key words. I typed in the above post title and found some realtor in Cleveland that cut and pasted my entire article word for word with NO reference to me. I would have been happy to give him permission to post it, but not as his own work.

    Since I have not really connected with any more seasoned Bloggers (and you guys are always really nice to me!), I was hoping you had a thought on this.


  6. Scott,

    As to the copying of your content. You should contact Jay Thompson, he can give you some insight into contacting the thief and sending him a nice message.

    Do you have a creative commons licence posted on your blog?

    It won’t stop them but provides you with more ammo to use.

    I’ll try and get some time this weekend to look at your site in some detail and will probably PM you with some questions.

    Hang in there the lab isn’t a year old yet itself. It takes some time. You are at the point where the sticks are getting warm.

    Keep rubbing, soon they will turn a little black, then whisp of smoke will appear. Finally there will be a small flame at that point you just feed the fire.

  7. Thank so much. I guess I am look at the time I spend away from my family or simply relaxing to build this blog and then to have someone simply steal the work is frustrating!

    How do I find Jay?

  8. Scott,

    Sorry, I guess I’ve been a part of this too long. I just figure everyone knows Jay : )

    He is the Phoenix Real Estate Guy he is in the blogroll at the right.

  9. I just tried it. You’re right. It was there pretty quick. Another reason why blogs rock. The content is just picked up so much quicker.

  10. Another useful online pinging tool is

    Just an alternative I though I would mention if you think that it might be useful as well. 😉

  11. Well, Pingomatic is fine, but IT DOESN’T PING GOOGLE. So if the idea is to get on Google as fast as possible. . . Draw your own conclusions.

    Autopinger has a lot of things I don’t like about it, but it does ping Google.