Google PR Update I lost PR and I Couldn’t Be Happier

I wasn’t expecting a PR update from Google this soon. The last was longer coming than most of us thought and now there is another so soon. I started noticing the change in some of my sites on Tuesday Feb. 27, 2008. It is continuing to sweep over the data centers as the update continues.

Google Dance ShoesOMG in my frame of reference is Oh Miserable Google. My goal for reaching Google Heaven was to have a homepage PR5 someday. I’ve been to PR4 a couple of times on a few sites and built content and links like crazy being encouraged by going from 3 to 4. But alas, most either stay at 4 or more likely have dropped to 3 or less. Oh Miserable Google you have done me in again.

This update I’ve seen one of my newer blogs home page go from PR4 to 3 and the oldest blog from PR4 to 3. I never like looking up at the top of the page and seeing that little green bar shorter. The Lab stayed at PR4, no movement. Same with the newest of my RE blogs PR3 and holding. But it appears my goal of reaching PR5 Google Heaven remains firmly out of my grasp.

Why I Couldn’t Be Happier

I lied : ) Of course I could be happier. I would like to see all my home pages PR5. That would make me happier.

Why I’m Still Very Happy

I know some of you only look at the home page PR and if it drops you go for the Valium and wonder what you did wrong. Ha! you forget so quickly, this is GOOGLE!!! They make the rules, they can change the rules or at least tweak them. Meaning sometimes you gain, sometimes you loose. It is all a part of the Google Dance.

Now the Good News
I found a lot of posts on both sites have gone from PR0 to PR2 or 3 in this update. My home page lost PR but I gained a whole lot of juice overall for the site. I now have 20, 30, 40 or more posts on the various sites that have PR2 or PR3 where they were PR0 or not even in the index before.

I’ve lost 1 PR for the home page but I’ve gained a whole lot of PR2’s and PR3’s for the site as a whole. Now you can call this looking for the silver lining, but I call it the silver lining.

For the mathematically challenged I won’t go into this. : ) (I am one). Just do some simple addition. Add up the PR from your pages before (if you know it) and after the update (this you can do if you have the time, I don’t) and see if you have a gain or loss. Or instead of spending your time in your PR counting house counting out the PR you can. . .

Keep writing, and writing, and writing, good content, interesting content, and the number of pages in the index continue to increase and you continue to gain placement for searches. Then you notice your blog or website is bring in exactly the people you are looking to make contact with. ( Sorry ending this sentence with with. I lived in Wisconsin for several years, it was bound to happen. ) When that happens you remember why you started blogging in the first place. HINT! HINT! it wasn’t for PR. (at least I hope it wasn’t).

Where did I put my dancing shoes. (Note to self: FORGET THE DANCE write something worth reading).


  1. Hey Dave:

    Me again… 8 ) One VERY easy way to add up all your page rank on all of your pages is to use the Firefox extention SEOFirefox that Aaron Wall put out available here:

    Once it’s installed you can google and add all the page ranks up easily… hope it helps someone.

  2. Dave,
    Welcome back to the Lab.

    It might be easy but it doesn’t work on my browser past the first page of results.

    It shows NaN quite a bit on known PR pages.

    It is very slow taking 30 seconds just to return the first 10 results. And won’t return results at all for any pages after that.

    I even turned off everything except the PR and tried auto and on demand. tried 1 sec and 2 sec delay with the same results.

    And with 600 page in the index? I don’t have that much time or the inclination to be on 344 and have the calculator turn off . . . DUH! start over.

  3. My PR5 stayed the same. However, I’m getting supplimental results. At least that’s what I think they are called. Google lenderama tosee what I mean. There’s a list of additional links to other places on my blog. They’re not the ones I would have chosen, but pretty neat none the less.

    I’m getting them for my Denver Modern Homes Blog as well. Just Google denver modern.

    They don’t show up most of the time (including when I’m first) but I take it as a good sign since I usually only see these additional links attached to really big sites. What do you think it means?

  4. Todd,

    You lucky DOG! my apologies to all dog related blogs out there.

    These are not supplemental results. These are really special and “GREAT NEWS FOR YOU”. These are called “Sitelinks” and you can see yours inside your google webmaster tools under Links.

    I see them for the search “Denver Modern” and “lenderama”

    Sitelinks are something new and are only granted to site with some “age & authority” Which means I don’t have any of them.

    This is cool and the first of them I’ve seen. Google said they would be appearing soon. And with this Update it seems they are appearing : )

    The other search on Denver Modern Homes Blog returns a main result and a second result. This is not a supplemental result either. It means you have the top two pages returned for this search term and since they belong to the same site they are displayed with the most relevant first and then the second result indented.

    There is no supplemental results anymore. Now you are either in or you are out. You you my friend (if I can call you friend) are IN!


  5. Todd,

    PS. from one down below, how does it feel to be in my Google Heaven?

  6. Yippie… I guess. I looks cool in the results. I’m not sure what else. At least it says Google thinks I’m on the correct track.

    It looks like Rain City Guide has them as well. I’ll have to play around with the Webmaster tools tonight.

  7. Oh and heck yah I consider you a friend!

  8. James T Boyer says

    I seem to have stayed the same. I am curious, what tool are you using to measure PR especially your interior pages, or your posts here. I have used Mozilla firefox with the proper plug-in but not sure how accurate that is.

  9. James,

    I usually just use the google toolbar PR indicator.

  10. Dave Conklin says


    They just updated the firefox extension… it works now on the following computers.

    Still tough to add up though… and FYI… I lost a PR on one of my largest sites. Off to make more great link bait!!!

  11. Oh please I cant take it….after 6 months of trying to be a model google PR person, I finally got a PR 1 oh I was so excited, I was sure not to change anything. Of course three weeks later it is gone. I did nothing wrong. But Google Webmaster tools shows all is well, and crawling well with the exception that my site map is fully up to date yet google keeps crawling different old pages I dont even know existed. Its near impossible to figure out PR but the funny thing is I have seen people with PR2 at the top of search results so PR is not really that important. I come up on many pages in top 10 listings even with a PR of 0 and my seperate blogs have a PR3 yet appear no place….google does what it wants as should you. My feelings are if you have correct keywords, correct content and update frequently you can get someplace near top 10…PR is a myth….I have seen PR 6 people fall below top 5 spots, it honestly has no relationtion to the organic listing outside how heavily google weights the page other factors go into it, traffic, hits, relevance, age of domain, most of all links but there are likely other factors that we earthlings will never ever know….I am PR 0 and I know I will be back at PR1 within a few weeks in the mean time I am still getting plenty of traffic. Rest easy focus on your words etc, make a quality site and forget the myth of PR

  12. Fred,

    I checked out the link to your site you provided. That site has a PR1 on the home page and on one other page.

    You home page has not meta tag keywords defined nor any meta tag descriptions.

    Some of your pages have keywords but they are keyword stuffing since keywords are to be words that are actually on the page and not keywords you want to rank for.

    Next I went to your blog. It isn’t indexed at all. And here is why:

    When I look at your page source the following line is telling google bots to ignore your blog and follow no links

    That line is killing your blog. Bad structure and poor use of meta tags is killing your site. I’m leaving your links live for two reasons.

    1. To show what a really poorly structured site and blog look like.
    2. You need the link back

    WARNING: Anybody else puts a link to their site in the comment you will be sent straight to the spam pile and askimet will be notified. : )

    Fred, you have some work to do on your site and blog. Take care of these simple things and you will be getting better rankings and PR.

  13. Not sure about my PR, but with the Panda update last month I’ve lost 4 positions for my main kw. Working now to diversify the way I get links.


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