Google PR Update Appearing

I noticed about twenty minutes ago a change in PR being reported in my toolbar.

The Lab has a PR5 (today).   One of my other blogs has moved from 3 to 4 for the home page.

I haven’t checked any of the others yet.

I’ll also be looking at inner pages and posts for changes up or down.

Just thought I’d pass it along.


  1. Since you are in my blogroll, I feel comfortable saying my link weight was enough to roll you over the top. Say no more, my work here is done! *disappears in a flash of fairy dust* Congrats on the PR5!

  2. Steve Belt says

    My blogs both went up by 1 today as well. Very nice. And my thanks to Google for the love.

  3. Steve,



    Say no more, fairy dust accepted. : )

  4. Dave – Glad to hear that your blog’s PR has increased to a PR 5 – you must be very happy.

  5. Read your post and decided to check our sites as well. I actually see one went up in the PR, but others are still where they were. Thanks for the update!

  6. Max,

    You are welcome, I had one stay the same for the homepage but that’s just the beginning, check your individual posts.

    I’ve found several that have gained quite a bit of PR some of them have gone from 0 to 3 in this update. There is more to it than just the home page PR.

  7. Yes, I checked internal pages as well, but I usually check only those that I care the most 🙂 Like some cool market reports or some landing pages that can convert visitors into leads etc.

  8. congrats on the increases to your websites. Our homepage stayed the same but we were lucky enough to get tons of interior pages with a decent PR. Looks like our links on those pages have been helping us out!

  9. I think the most rewarding thing with PR is when you see the inner pages increase in Page Rank! So many sites will have a decent home page PR but do very little to provide quality on the inner pages or market their inner pages. See inner page PR really makes you start to feel like your hard work is starting to pay off!

    How often do you think PR is updated?

  10. Nice work Dave. I am seeing the same thing as Jayson, same PR on homepage but some interior pages went up.

    BTW, thank you Dave for all of your nuggets of info. I have been reading for a while but never commented.

  11. Mike,

    Thanks, I hope to dig up a few more nuggets soon. After all I do live in the desert.

    Puts a whole new meaning on prospecting doesn’t it.

  12. Mike, congratulations on the new PR. Proves that both types of readers: people and Google like your site.

  13. Carlos,

    PR updates are about every 3 months on average.

    When bloggers or RE sites first start out they are driven by getting their home page PR up. They do everything they can to get their back links to that home page and simply “hope for the best” for the inner pages.

    Because of that emphasis in the beginning, many don’t realize as their site matures they need to be focusing on getting those inner pages to have PR as well.

    Ways to do that are scattered throughout the Labs posts.

  14. My website went from a 5 to a 4 to a 3 and now back to a 4. The whole time I was number 1 for ‘sarasota real estate’. I don’t too caught up in it. My main competitor is a PR 6.

  15. Marc,

    So true, my worst site stayed at a PR3. Worst, meaning lowest PR of all three. But it ranks the highest for it’s keywords.

    It also rank in the middle of page 1 for the city name alone without any reference to real estate. I don’t even get close to page 1 for just the city name for any of the others.

    PR can make you feel good, but lets face it positioning above the fold on page 1 of Google search results is where it is at.

  16. We started our Daytona Beach Real Estate blog on January 10th and its rank went like a roller coaster in Google. Our main site was a PR 1.

    The latest PR update gives a PR2 to both, but the blog is ranking higher for many keywords. The blog is less than 4 months old, but is out ranking a site that has been up for over five years. So much for the Google sandbox. It appears that regularly updated content is one of the keys.

    We’ll see what happens going forward.

  17. Lynn,

    Glad you found the Lab. Regularly updated content is a key. But so is site structure. I checked your blog and website.

    The blog being wordpress is designed with the search engines in mind under the good. It is like honey to a bear.

    Your website while it looks good to the eye leaves much to be desired under the hood. It isn’t easy to navigate and it isn’t W3C compliant.

    Your blog will do better and continue to do so.

  18. Dave,

    I agree with your assessment of the main site. We are in the process of redesign and going to external CSS, and standardized menus which should help a lot.

    We are also changing the structure and redoing every page to assure that on page factors are improve.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  19. Lynn,

    Doing those things will help greatly. Keep the blog rolling and CSS design for the site will payoff.

    I had the advantage of self hosting my site and blog so I combined them into the same URL. But the traffic comes to the blog and the website is the MLS search mothership.

  20. That a kid Max. Keep working on those landing pages. I know I appreciate the effort 🙂

    Thanks for the update Dave.

  21. sweet. congrats for sure. it’s quite the accomplishment. i really do like you blog thought the look the feel and the content.

    Obviously Google likes it too. lol

  22. Anyone have any insight as to why the rise in ranking? I also went up a point on many of my internal pages and my home page.

    Also, some of my internal pages that aren’t linked took a pounding and zero’d out. Ouch 🙁

  23. In the olden days when Google had monthly updates I would obsess about PR and rankings and did very well.

    My first site, got as high as PR 7. But the site/newsletters never produced the number of leads they should have.

    I decided to totally de-emphasize PR and ranking and focus on things I thought would more directly improve the number and quality of leads.

    Now my newer site (PR4) produces far more leads than ever did when it had much higher PR.

  24. John,

    You make a very good point, one we have tried to get across here from time to time. PR is an indicator of an means to an end. Too often for RE bloggers it becomes the end.

    Put your efforts into quality content and you will begin to receive those quality leads which generate business. Those leads which become you clients and more important your referral base are what will bring your business to the point I call “Catching Fire”.

  25. the dance is over-rated…concentrate on traffic or alexa rank vs thsis..which would benefit u more more traffic or google rank.?

  26. Frank,

    They used to go hand in hand, they are still somewhat linked.

    Personally, I don’t worship at the altar of “traffic” like so many do. I do like “targeted traffic” but even that has never been my goal.