Google PageRank Update It was nice while it lasted

Real Estate Blog Lab loses PR5 to PR4
Many Well Known Blogs Loose PR in this Update

The Giant Toad Speaks We All Listen

The Giant Toad Speaks We All Listen

It was April 28, 2008 when I last reported a PR update.   That was when we gained our first PR5 ranking.   It felt wonderful having that first PR5 and is hard to give up today.   But Google giveth and Google Taketh away.   I won’t say the rest of the quote.   We appear to be in good company I see Bloodhound blog went from PR6 back to PR5 and they are as prolific as any blog at adding new content.

Another blog I follow closely and read everyday is Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider His site went from PR6 to PR5.   I’ve not seen any site gain PR this update but many that gained a point in April have lost it in July.

I noticed in June there were a lot of changes going on with Google (more than usual) in search results and rankings in the organics.

For a few months the lab had been ranking for the term “real estate blog”

  • it was in the middle of page 2
  • then the top of page 2
  • then the bottom of page 1
  • then GONE.

No where to found for that term or real estate blogs.   Now at the end of July it is back to the bottom of page 1.

But it meant a lot of lost traffic for the lab and several of our business blogs that experienced the same thing during June and most of July.

The result:   One blog lost PR4 to PR3 on the home page.   Two others stayed the same as it was PR4 and PR3.

A Point In Every Direction . . .

What this means is there appears to be a major change in the way PR is assigned and it hit sites across the board.   So if everyone goes down, you stay the same, just not with the same PR you had before but in relation to others you held your own.

The Good News Internal Pages and Posts

As in previous updates I see more posts gaining PR on internal pages than were in the past.   Most are PR2 but some are holding their PR3 rank.   This means the main loss of PR was to home pages and not to internal pages/posts.   It seems Google is doing a redistribution of PR to internal pages over the home page ranking high and internal pages having little or now PR at all.

The Long Tails of PR

This should mean Google is giving even more weight to the Long Tails effect of a site and content on that site than it has in the past.   More juice, for content inside the blog/website and not all directed at the home page is a good thing for those that are continuing to add quality content.

It’s not about PR or the Large Toad in the Room

I don’t blog for Google (most of the time).   Google is a part of our marketing strategy.   It isn’t the reason we blog.   Does a loss of PR hurt?   Emotionally, sure it does.   As a Geek, I loved it when I hit PR5.   I loved opening the the lab to a half green bar and mouse over just to see the PR5.

Did it change anything?   not really.   Same with the business blogs.   Consumers and potential clients keep finding our content and expressing a desire to work with us for both listing their home or buying one.

For some it is the photos.   Honest, we get a lot of listings based on our listing photos and flyers in the box.   We have had some clients say, “We drove around and gathered flyers from all the homes for sale, you had the best flyers and pictures so we called you.”

I’m saying this so you don’t get discouraged about blogging.   Yeah, it hurts to lose PR on the home page, but I’d gladly give a point on the home page to gain 50 PR2 pages in the index.   We blog on, keep adding content, every post is like another line in the water in the ocean of the Internet.

Have a great weekend.   And if you didn’t loose PR in this update,   GOOD FOR YOU : )


  1. Wow that it one heck of a update. My blog went from PR5 to PR3. That hurts a bit, and I am not noticing my posts gaining any page rank. Any suggestions to change that trend?

  2. Yeah it looks like the pr threshholds changed. I noticed even apple went from a 10 to a 9. MSN is also down to a 8.

  3. I lost PR on this update too. My rankings don’t appear to have been affected so that is definitely a good thing. I know I shouldn’t really care that much, but for some reason PR has some weird intoxicating quality about it.

  4. Mike,

    “PR has some weird intoxicating quality about it. ” LOL that is for sure.

    Remember PR in the toolbar is three months behind the real thing. So what you are seeing now is where you have been not really where you are “Ouch, that hurts the brain” Where am I?

  5. It seems that most PR6 and PR5’s took a hit on this update. All of my sites held the same. But then again, I was one of the few that didn’t see the bump up in April.

  6. Brad,

    It does seem like those site which saw the bump in April lost in in July. I had a couple of sites hold there own, but none bumped up.

    I haven’t found a single site that got a bump up this update.

  7. David: I would agree with your closing remarks. I don’t blog for Google. That would make for a rather boring and somewhat disengaging read for my audience. Oh the mysteries of Google!…

  8. Rich,

    It is amazing to me how many new RE bloggers and some not so new blog specifically with Google in mind rather than the audience they are trying to reach.

  9. RealEstateMomOf4 says

    Dave, I went from a PR4 to a PR3 on one site, but went from a 0 to a PR2 on another.

    It was my new site that gained, but I had honestly hoped it would have done better. We’ll see what the next update has in store!

  10. The little green bar can be addicting. It seems the calculations for PR have been adjusted again. Our site went from a 5 down to 4 as well.

  11. Green bar addicting, not really, just looked at it when I read this blog post. I am wondering if I could get a little advice, my blog itself is doing fairly well and even when it was ranked a pr5 now ranked a pr3 the individual posts were not ranking very well, unless they were titled for non competitive phrases. Anyone care to take a look and lend a little advice as to what might be the issue??

    Thank you for your time,


  12. Think that people put way to much stock into PR. PR in itself will not effect rankings, if it did it would only take one high PR link to rank highly.

    Keep building quality content and focus on writing for your visitors. You can always go back and make minor tweaks to pages or posts to help optimize them.

  13. Julie,

    So far the only sites I’ve seen that are showing a gain are those that had no toolbar PR before.

    All other sites appear to have lost at least one PR or stayed the same. Those which gained in the April update are the ones that lost in this one. Those which stayed the same in April seem to have stayed the same in July.

  14. Yeah, Google has definitely been doing some testing. I have been seeing several sites bouncing from the second page onto the first and then trading spots with another. Almost like Google is testing data to see what the sites bounce rates are to see if they are worthy to stay there. Will be interesting to see, if any of these rankings actually stick.

    Who knows? They definitely did a recalculation of page rank. I thought the last calculation was a bit generous.

  15. As more sites, blogs, and pages appear on the web, could PR dropping simply be a function of a recalibration of the total available PR?

    A PR score can range for examples from 3.00000000000000000001 to 3.99999999999999999999999. Sorry for the extra characters, but I did not know how to express it in words. 🙂 So the question is was a site a strong PR 3 or whatever or a weak PR 3.

  16. Glenn,

    This is what I think happened. Google definitely made a change to the way PR is calculated. Anyone that saw a boost in PR in April had to have crossed the threshold of PR and just barely. With the new calculation those sites no longer held PR. These weren’t just real estate sites. Sites everywhere that saw a bump in April lost it in July. Those which were a solid PR in April, (no Move) didn’t move in July either. Lots of PR5 sites stayed the same throughout. They were the sites at the upper end of the PR5 they might be in the middle or bottom after the new calculation but there was no visible lose of PR

  17. Yep – it seems like sites with no PR gained some and sites with PR lost a point or two. I haven’t seen any gains – but I also haven’t noticed a drop in rankings or traffic; as long as it’s across the board – it’s not a big deal IMO.

  18. Dave – I think we are thinking alike on this one. But I did not know the right word for the allocation of PR across the additional documents.

    Jayson – my homepage PR dropped and interior page PR, but did gain a little PR on other interior pages – overall, my site is ranking higher on Google. 🙂

  19. I am addicted to Page Rank as well. I saw a bump in our Page Rank, we wen from 2 to 3. That isn’t much, but we are moving in the right direction.

    In the comments, you mentioned that what you see on the screen is actually 3 months behind, how do you find out your current PR ranking?

    Is there an official PR page or something?

    Any assistance would be helpful.

    Thank you!

  20. My homepage also decreased from a 5 to a 4. However, I have many pages that are a 4. My homepage is not my strongest page. I’m not really sure if this means anything at all though.

  21. Our blog’s home-page took a one-point hit however the internal pages got a bump upwards. I also noticed a lot of directories took big hits (by comparing dated directory lists which show PR, with each directory’s PR today.

  22. Why does it hurt to lose page rank? Unless you are selling links why bother? It is traffic that counts and page rank and traffic are not related in any way.

    If you think Google ranking is as simple as a rating between 1 and 10 then you don’t under stand Google.

  23. Alan,

    You see no correlation between PR and placement in the organics?

    I would qualify “traffic” with desired traffic. I do not consider all traffic desirable or wanted.

    If a site is monetized then definitely traffic is where it is at. If a site is an introduction to service and information about a local market then target specific traffic is desired.

    Alan, everyone know that loosing PR hurts. It hurts or little green bar and it hurts our ego stroking efforts not to mention “Bragging” rights : )