Google PageRank Update April Fools

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End of the Track?

Unfortunately, it isn’t a joke.   I had a PageRank alert set up for the Tucson Blog.   It lost rank.   Not even going to try and guess why.   Just take a deep breath and keep blogging.

The Lab held steady.

BTW anyone want to add the Tucson Blog to their blogroll I won’t mind. Tucson Real Estate works nicely for a title tag.

For many there is yet another loss of PageRank.

Start checking your site.   See how your blog posts are fairing.

Hopefully not too many of you will have to suffer a loss.   Remember it is only one of the guages.

The way Google has started giving more weight to big brokerages and real estate related sites like Zillow and Truila we all need to work those long-tails.   I know just what you wanted to hear, right, it is getting harder all the time.   But then again, that’s the Google Dance, isn’t it.


  1. Google have starting to take down the PR for blogs because the problem is, “I would say” that 99% of all SEO companies obtain INSERT contrary to Google’s guidelines and just create 1000`s of spam blogs so this is a way for Google to get them to stop.
    Its sad for all of us and you who have real blogs.

  2. Google updated the toolbar page rank again on 1 April 2009 (Fool Day).This time they filtered more back links. Previously i have around 70 now i have just 10 back links left for my site But site rank well on all top keywords. It seems google backlinks scheme updated too. It still loves article links as i did for my site.

  3. Congratulations. That is a great move. Hope you can hold it.

  4. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what happens over at big G anymore…

  5. It seems google more conscious about relevant content.

  6. David@SEM Labs says

    It seems Google have made PR harder to get again. Lots of sites I know have taken a dive. I don’t know if this is something to do with changes Google have made or changes in the internet’s linking that just change the distribution of PR.

  7. David,

    As I’ve seen the PR update continue I see the same thing. Some established cites that were PR4 are now 3. I had two sites drop one a static site that has been PR3 for over three years went to a 2. But I have a little goof off site that went from a 1 to a 2.

    Several small towns and organizations that were PR4 are now 3 as well.

    We all live and die by the dance. But I liked the tune of PR5 here at the lab and 4 for my RE Site a lot better than the 3 to which it just went.

    Now we wait to see what the next three months brings us.

  8. Dave – I think it is better not to worry about PR and just keep doing your thing. Not sure if PR means aa whole lot anymore anyway.

  9. Dave,

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Obviously, being a 5 is better then a 4, but Google adjusts their ladder and where your site falls. Just because they are calling you a 3 instead of 4 etc, doesn’t mean they are giving your site any less authority. It is just a measurement of your site against all other sites in authority.

  10. I just given PR2 in the last update
    But now when I check it on some PR checker site it shows 0
    Anybody knows what’s going on??

  11. Adi,

    If you were a PR0 then it is possible all the data centers have not updated yet. If you were something other than PR0 and now you only see a PR0 then you might have come under a second wave of updates. I had one site that didn’t loose PR till three days after the initial update on April 1.

  12. I definitely cannot understand what is going on with Google. While our PR has not changed sure are changing drastically in the SERPS. We’ll just keep doing our thing. I think it is important to change up your strategies rather than just focusing on one kind of strategy for linking, marketing, etc.

  13. Many of my sites gain PR and blogs loose their previous standings. I think Google is changing its policies to fight spam and spammers. I hope all these are temporary effects which will be healed after some time. I don’t stop working in my normal way though.

  14. Gosh I’m glad I’m not the only one. I went from a 3 to a 2. One theory which makes sense to me is that they are counting comment links for less. Most of my links come from commenting.

    The good news is is hasn’t affected my traffic. I am getting both more traffic as well as a higher percentage coming from search engines.

  15. While I’m somewhat new to the game I don’t think PR is the end all and be all of gauging a website. I launched my site in November and just received my first PR of 2. Not so great but I’m not worrying about it. I’ll keep working hard by adding relevant content, building links, and optimizing my site. The rest will take care of itself. I’ve found in life if you do the right thing that everything else falls into place. So those worried about their pagerank, don’t. Work hard and do the right thind. You’ll be fine in the end.

  16. I guess this means a 2 is the new 3? So a link from a new 3 is really the equivalent to an old 4? If it changed for everyone, then nothing really changed.

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  17. Brad,

    I was thinking the same thing because my traffic has actually increased after the update. However I have noticed some blogs went up so I don’t think it was accross the board that everyone went down a step.

    I also noticed my traffic has dropped a little recently and I just checked Google webmaster tools and they are showing a lot less links for me. I think their algorithm reacts very quickly to changes and your actual PR can be quite different than the one that shows from a quarterly update.


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  18. Are realtors blogging about the correct keywords that are important to our market place? Keep the content 100% original & unique. Most of all keep blogging.

  19. Robert,


    No RE Blogger should ever be blogging about keywords. Using keywords is necessary, but keyword stuffing is never a good idea. Blogging about local content specific to an agents market or community is the best way to use a blog as a marketing tool.