Google Indexed and How

google indexKeeping three blogs up and running on a weekly basis keeps me hoping along with trying to work in the Tucson Real Estate market.

I’ve been reading some posts lately on SEO for your blog and one of the interesting suggestions I came across was making sure you only put a post in a single category.  

This way it won’t create duplicate content pages under both categories.

I’ve started to notice a pattern with regard to posts that are in more than a single category, (which I did often in the beginning of this blog)   they don’t seem to be indexed.

I read on Matt Cutt’s blog about duplicate content, and there was no such penalty for having duplicate content on the same site, you could have a page for “print” and one for “screen” which creates duplicate content.   The issue according to Matt has to do with which page do they index.

Having looked back over the posts for this and the Tucson Real Estate in The News  blog it appears that the posts no longer indexed are the ones that are in more than one category.

I’ve also noticed that pages that have no outgoing links in the content of the page also seem to be  more  susceptible to being de-indexed or in supplemental results.

And posts that link to other posts on a similar topic have a better chance of remaining indexed.

 A quick conclusion:

  1. Post to only a single category
  2. Include quality outbound links
  3. When applicable include links to other posts on topic

Getting your blog post indexed quickly by Google is wonderful, keeping them indexed is what we all really want.


  1. We routinely post in two categories, very often in as many as five. We score very high on organic searches. Weblogs are meant to post in multiple categories, and Google surely is not penalizing for this. Even igoring categories, a unique post in one category will appear on these pages: landing page of blog, the unique post’s page, author archive, category archive, archive for month, page-by-page displays, searches within the weblog.

  2. Greg,

    Thanks for your input on this topic.

    The bloodhound is far from the normal blog. The content flows from your blog like a river so there is a constant flow of fresh material. And your site is crawled very often.

    That said when I run a site search in google on the bloodhound I find 1420 pages indexed and 805 of those pages are active and with 615 page in supplemental results.

    For the blogger posting local content only and two or three posts a week they want to do everything they can to keep those pages indexed so they can be found.

    Certainly some post are relative in time and I don’t care if they are deindexed or placed in supplamental results. But there are others that bring a lot of traffic to the site that I want to keep indexed. Ex. The Oro Valley Medical Center, The Oro Valley Post Office. Both of these posts get a lot of hits. The Oro Valley Hospital just went into supplamental results. No longer to be found.

    Granted it is anecdotal evidence, which needs more scrutiny. It is something to look at and consider.

    I only started looking at it myself when finding at multiple locations the recommendations to keep posts to a single category and use the more tag to keep the landing page from having duplicate content to the post page.

    I’m also finding some plugins to keep the bots from crawling the archives for better SEO of the blog. But so far havn’t looked at them.

    This is the purpose of the lab, to try things out and report what we find.

    I’m going to keep posting to mulitple categories on this blog and stop it on the two real estate related blogs and track it for the next few months to see if there are any patterns that emerge.

  3. John Lockwood says

    Oh my gosh, Dave, you’re going to actually do A/B testing instead of just some SEO thought experiment? You’ll never get to be part of the pundit elite that way. 🙂

    On the other hand, you may actually learn something valuable, and the folks who make a habit of ignoring the pundit elite in favor of those who know something valuable will flock. I’d definitely be interested in how this experiment works out.

  4. John,

    Where google is concerned I sometimes wonder if I’m not in the middle of a game of “goof ball”.

    For those that don’t know “Goof ball” is a game where anyone can change the rules of the game at anytime.

    It makes it hard to know who is winning or even scoring for that matter.

    It is obvious now that Google changed the algo for PR and many people lost juice in this last update.

    It also appears a change was made to pages going into supplemental results. A lot more pages are there than were just a few weeks ago.

    One of the pundit SEO elite said Google always puts a lot of pages in SR just before the PR update, then in a week or two they come back into the index.

    I’ll be watching to see if that happens.

    The Oro Valley site is young enough to have a small number of pages and posts to watch.

    So it will be A/B testing with a Google Free Radical thrown into the results.